Will temp drop effect my grow

Hi everyone, I have a question, since it’s getting colder outside my room temperature is dropping From 77-80 to about 70 -73, I’m almost in week 6 of my grow with gsc and I have 260 qb in a 4+4 tent. Was wondering if I need to keep tempature above 70 or so or does it matter ALOT. Just trying to prepare in case would effect my grow.

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Shouldn’t hurt it any, if it get really cold maybe elevate the pots so the roots don’t get to cold dont let the pots set on the floor usually the floor gets cold in winter, try to keep it above 65 and u will have nice buds


Very good,! Didn’t know if I maybe needed a heater, but think I can keep it above 67 anyway, Thanks for the responce,and happy growing. @SmallTree