Will she survive?

56 yr old (female) first time grower…
I have researched and continue to do so…I posted (pics) concerns and questions I had about my (single) plant that is from a seed recovered from a bag of weed. I germinated in water and my lil baby was put into (first mistake) Miracle Grow and I used a Wally World LED desk lamp to start off. Eventually, I used aluminum foil to keep the light bright. I moved her to a milk crate until she grow out of it. I have since moved her to a closet, on (was 4) 2 milk crates so she is closer to the lights - two more (clamp) lamps and a couple of LED bulbs. I have a fan and a “strip” grow light as well as covering the sides with “emergency blankets” I found at Wally World. I was intending to follow the SCROG (think that’s it) method by bending down the branches. Two nights ago I decided to put a “rack” over her and allow her to flower.
Since I have learned that the “rack” was too narrow and my lights needed to be lowered. So, I removed the rack and lowered the lights.
What I now found out I did wrong was trim her of some “fan” leaves and I’m not sure if I screwed up. Now she is a bush.
All I feed her is Miracle Grow, molasses, Epson salt and baking soda.
What do I do now? Just leave her alone? Anything I can do to improve her health and productivity?
Here is a picture of her this morning…

I used the “rack” to hold my lights.

A look at her from the bottom

And from the top

Removed the rack (BRA) and let her go free!


You are doing great. Although you may want a better light for flowering. Or about 8-10 cfls. If you can afford it, Amazon has decent grow lights for under $100. You are going to need some flowering nutrients as well

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So I need more bulbs and what kind of “flowering” nutrients?
I thank you for your input!!

I use general hydroponic flora trio. You can get it for around 35 bucks off Amazon or your local hydroponic store should carry it. I want you to go to the website growweedeasy and read read read


It looks good for the lighting you are using. I agree you can grab a 300w led grow light for around 70 usd. Some cheap brands that people use with great success is galaxy hydro, mars hydro, roleadro, and meizi all make a affordabe lights that will do just what you are wanting them to. And flower nuts? You can really grab any thing with geared towards bloom or you can grab the most expensive nuts for mjj. That is completely up to you.

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I use advanced nutrients which are rated very well and u can get the trio on eBay for 24$

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Looks like you doing a solid job raising her

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I am on my very first grow and I went with a dimmable viparspectra 300 watt LED panel 75$ on amazon

So far it has grown a very healthy plant


I dislike the viparspectras because how much blue they put off, imo you would do better with mars hydro or meizhi grow lights

Some people are able to do amazing things with so little… your on the verg of going bigger… :grin:

Much luv…
Lookin good…

Here is where we are today…IMG_20180526_112558

Same setup (best I can do for the next 2 weeks).

Again…my first born!!!

I believe she’s a girl.

Is this “flowering?”

I dont see any signs of flowering yet, you will start to see white pistils shooting out when it does start.

Here are pics from today. I did notice that the closet is warmer with the new lights.

Could this be a flower???

She is looking better… I think.


Here was yesterday…

Gonna take some when she wakes up…7am.


Yes that is a flower! Congrats. Is that your first?