Will seeds from a female b feminized


Hi I had a real good run of last harest. But I had found about 25 seeds in 2 plants. The fruit was awesome ! I decided to sprout these seeds and follow Bergmans program to give it a try. Seeds are about a week old and doind good most are about a 1/2 " tall. I guess my question is I was told these seeds would b female because they came from a female. But would that plant b a hermy if it had seed. It was very little seed like about 25/30 in a half pound . Anybody got any answers about that or can I sex them sooner than later by the sprouts. Thanks

Harvested one of my plants yesterday

It depends on if the renal was bred with another female or need with a male only breeding females with females will get you feminized seeds male and female gives you regular seeds. Here is a good way to sex your seeds as this picture says it’s 100% accurate that’s how I determine my seeds. And as for planted one’s you’ll be able to tell the sex of them once they show their sex letting you know they are mature enough to flower.


Hey thanks. I’ve never seen that chart before ! I guess I should’ve asked a week ago. Lol. I will have to sex these the old fashion way I guess but I will save that chart and try it on the next round. I appreciate the info.


I’ve seen this chart and I wouldn’t quote it sorry but if I followed that half the seeds I buy would get tossed and I would be throwing out females. There is a very simple rule no plant is female until you see her buds any plant can hermie and sexing from a seed is impossible people came up with charts like that when they were buying reg seeds in bulk and finding them in their bags and ended up getting males anyway.


Not simply cause every time I’ve gone by that chart it’s been acurate but hey every one has there own ways of telling, but I works me for me and close to 100% accuracy only troubles, and shows you which seeds are faulty when it comes to germination


Also look for volcano divets in the seed, if they have niples on both ends i bet 100$ it would come out to be make and a volcano divet in the end would be female, don’t knock it til you try it :smile:


Yupp, take advice from others that join in as every one has their own methods and just cause some one thinks the chart is bogus doesn’t mean it won’t work for you, no disrespect donald


Also Donald if that chart was false and what you were saying is right than these would have been make not female as I used that chart to determine these 2 and the method I described, so it is possible to read sex of seeds just gotta have the experience but that’s how I determined these and no disrespect but it seems pretty accurate to me. As these 3 girls are all female, clearly not males


lol I buy fem seeds and the last 10 I planted 6 wouldn’t have made the grade oddly all of them are growing nice purple buds I agree if you find a system that works for you by all means I just wouldn’t quote it and risk my name on it. I have seen and know the chart but also believe if it was as accurate as advertised it would be published in every grow guide and forum since would save people months of wasted grow space. I look at it like a lucky ritual if I stand on 1 leg dance around my pot throw six seeds in water and 1 floats than that must be the one :stuck_out_tongue: but by all means try it use what ever works for you


Yummy. That’s looking good to me. Lol. I do agree nothing is 100% but it does give me something to look for a try to see if that works. Hey I’m up for any info I can get. As we all know different things will work for people. I’ve read books and forums each one contradicts the other in many topics. Marijuana is very resilient so it will grow under many different conditions. I wish I would have taken a better look at the seeds but I didn’t have many so I took the mature looking ones and started there so far everything has worked out I will just need to wait it out and see what they become but I will keep you up to date. Thanks both of you for your unsite . I kinda wanted to sex them the old way but it would b nice to not have to worry about it. I was even thinking of breeding 2 to get more seeds cuz this strain was pest and mold free with 28.9% THC so if I can keep that going strong I would like to. And yes I have cloned this strain a few times now with good results . I am more or less doing a trial run of Mr Bergmans plan. Thanks again guys.


I breed seeds and my brother owns a seed bank and all I buy is feminized about 99.8% of the time


Agreed like I said buddy every one has there own methods I’m not saying he has to use my method, I respect your response to the fullest


Yes - pretty much so !


What do you mean


I have one simple question that shows this chart to be very unlikely.

If it is so accurate, if it has any actual and factual relevance and any significant results backing it up, then why is there not a seed company that pre-selects their seed, with an expert eye to conform to the qualifications of this chart, and then sell regular female seeds that come with a 90+% female germination guarantee?

Not one professional seed bank will use this to back this idea up, I think that pretty much proves it is not very reliable at all.



But let me put it this way I breed my own seeds have for years now and base my seeds off this chart and with relevant proof to back that theory up which garuntee 100% your not willing to but I could send you all the seeds I base on this chart bred by myself and garuntee those pictures id upload of the seeds that would be sent would all be female or whatever I tell you their going to be to prove this method is correct. Like I said almost garuntee your not willing to get them sent to you haha :smile: so in all theory unless your willing to receive them and be told from me what they are then how are you really going to know besides “seedbanks” now a days there are private breeders depending on where you at and who know thats as much as I’ll say about that…willing to try to be proved wrong or not consider it and try and argue when I have used this multiple times and had worked.

Just saying if i was to pick 5 different seeds from 5 different strains, and base them on that specific chart and send them to you, specifically stating they were feminized seeds i bet I could prove you wrong, id give my left arm to prove you wrong on this one hahaha


And keep in mind just cause In your mind it’s “impossible” doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible, no disrespect


Sorry your logic is not sound.

Again, if it were at all accurate, it would be used by some of the top seed banks to sell real regular female only seeds, as there would be a huge demand for this, as a true female found from regular seeds is much more desirable than a female from feminized seeds.

Read these articles, as what is mentioned here is the only real way to get seeds that will be 90+ percent resulting in female offspring, and again if there were any truth to the chart at all, breeders like Robert would mention it in articles like these.



Sounds like you just don’t wanna be proved wrong from some one with less knowledge because my logic makes perfect sence…that and your in denial to be showed from some one other than a seed bank


And i know how to make feminized seed, you make those breeding 2 females by taking 1 selected female stressin her into a hermie, than take another female and put her in an isolated space with the hermied female you stress…kinda tired of you talking to me like I don’t have common and sence…