Will seedlings run from too much light?

Im about two weeks in and it seems like progress is slow. At first I had them under old fluorescent lights until I got a spot set up for them with the leds. They’ve been under the led for about 6 days now.

I think they were stretched when I moved them. At first I had the led 3’ from them and turned down to about 60%.

Then I moved it to about 18” and upped it to maybe 75%. They seemed to be responding well but now several are laying over. Are they trying to get away from too much light? One straightened up after laying over so I’m confused. I have fiddled with the light intensity probably way too much :joy:

image image

Forgot to add they are currently in dwc. I use a cup to pour the nutrients over them 4-5 times a day because I can’t tell if the roots are in the water yet. The pots are about 2” into the water.

Using jacks 321 and I think the ec is right around 1 starting at .3 ish with tap water.

Also added a little silica and something like hydro guard.

never seen one run from light, where is your fan setup


no worries. seedlings just doing what they are supposed to.
Growing…get some pipe cleaners, make a loop around the stem and it will hold up the baby. They will thicken up and make you proud.


I actually don’t have a fan on them yet. I do blow on them to move them around a bit when I’m watering them :joy:

I guess they are sort of doing their own lst! Should I keep cranking the light up until they show signs of it being too much?

I have 2-HGL 260W rspec XL and they have been on full blast since the beginning.

what is going on …currently is working well. why change?

I have the knock off version of those. Still has the lm301h diodes.

You ran them full blast on seedlings? How high were they?

I didn’t know it was working well since they were laying over! So I guess I should turn them back up to where I had them when the laid down? About 70%

My nodes was too tightly packed at 18" so I back the lights off to 30" and the girls started to stretch, this is the latest pic of my girls

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@Carny seedling don’t need much light .I wouldn’t. It really depend on your cultivar ,sativa can take more light and heat

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