Will nutrients hurt my worm bacteria?

A question from a fellow grower:

“Hello I have a question can i use the root protector product and the nutirians in a soil that I have added worm castings with live worms or will the root protector kill the bacteria the worms are generating?”

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You really want to be using compost teas and not synthetic nutrients in a living soil.

I try to use only ph up and ph down in my water at the most in my living soil and most times I don’t even use those.

You might be able to add a small amount and be ok but once you start adding heavy doses you might as well go ahead and finish the grow with the synthetics


Oregon’s best makes a darn near organic up & down

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@TDubWilly thanks mate appreciate the advice. I’m new to the grow seen done lights before but want to do an outdoor grow this year

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you must be Australian with a name like Dropbear!


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@Hungrybud mad pic. And yea mate I’m ozzie. So question for you pros as someone with not much experience and struggling to find the raw ingredients for a proper loving soil as buds not legal here it’s hard to find the raw materials for soil can get anything you want for hydro. Would I be better of just adding some coca and perlite to the soil I have which is a organic soil mix from a landscape supplier no slow realise fertilizer in it. Throw in the castings I sourced that was mission in it self so want to use them now I’ve got them . So just mix the coca perlite and castings then just use the checks for this grow? Grow is going to be in greenhouse for privacy/my dam dog would eat it if he could get to it.

I will link you in to my grow that i am doing atm, i grow inside most of the time, might throw a couple outside in September, you got a PH and PPM pens yet?
If i dont know the answers to your questions will put you onto someone who can, lot of great growers on here including lots from OZ and the island of the long white cloud.

Awsome that would be great I have not got a pen yet. Yea this forums awsome.

Any suggestions for a decent pen that dosnt cost an ounce?

depends how much you pay for the ounce! i use a testo, expensive but ease of use and auto.