Will not flower

I have a WW af that has been growing for about 8 months with no signs of flowering. In the same time period I have had 1 finished crop and another is coming along nicely. All of the seeds were from the same ILGM batch and all environmental conditions have been the same. The plant is healthy, but is getting so bushy that it is crowding the space I have available.

Has anyone else run into an issue like this? Should I just cut my losses and get rid of the plant to make room?

Thanks for any input.

Have you flipped the lights to 12/12? Were the seeds Autos? Maybe you got a genetic mutation that will not autoflower.

Yes I tried extended dark period twice. All the seeds were from the same batch of WW af.

Picutres, PPM, PH, Nutrients Used, Lights, Light Schedule, and anything else you can think of would be very useful

It could just be that plant, but if you have the space, cut a clone off of that bad boy and see what happens with it and then scrap her if she isn’t going to produce

All of the conditions between this plant and the other 2 that have finished, or are just about to, are the same so I doubt an environmental conditions an issue. I think as Wicked Ale pointed out this may be a genetic issue.

That’s an interesting mutation though, I wonder under what conditions it could be forced to flower. Since cannabis is a “short day” plant if you have the resources you could potentially extend the dark period and run a 8/16 schedule (or maybe you already did that)

I grew my autos from seed using a 12/12 schedule the entire time. Still took forever to turn, but not 8 months. If the other plant turned just fine, it may be the seed may not have taken the auto genes during the cross with ruderalis. I would suggest seeing if it turns with a full time 12/12 schedule and if it doesn’t I would bail on the plant and talk to ILGM. What sort of lighting do you have? Maybe it’s not intense enough.

Twice I tried 24 hours of dark and then adjusted the lighting to a shorter on time. I only have one grow area so I don’t want to adversely affect the other plant I have. I think it is unfortunately time to compost this one and start new. I may try the cloning idea since there is no shortage of material to work with.


@oldgeezer2 What is the other plant. I switched my autos to 12/12 and the loved it. They been on that cycle for several weeks.

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Cloning likely won’t change the inability to flower. It also needs to be a consistent light schedule, 12on/12off, and ensure there are no light leaks. If you cannot get the plant to flower with a 12/12 schedule you could continue to decrease the light on time even more.


I would take a clone from it and try to get to flower. If it does I would see how long it will live and give clones.

try the 12/12 light cycle for 3-4 wks, it won’t hurt the other plant.

if u do not want to go 12/12 then compost it and start a new plant.

It would be a shame to dump a plant that is that large. Make sure you have no light leaks or anything in the grow space that has a light on it to prevent a photo from flowering. Set lights at 12/12 as stated for 3 weeks and see what happens. I can almost guarantee it will be in flower then.