Will my setup be discreet?

So I am completely new to growing and I apologize in advance but this post is a little long, i greatly appreciate any help.

I have a vivosun 48"x24" tent in an attic covered in 2 layers of 3mm thick smart shield insulation then covered with 1-1/2" thick garage door insulation foam panels, all very tight and cut in around the 2 used outlets on the tent. The air supply coming in is from a return HVAC vent (incoming air) from a closet that is wrapped with the 3mm smart shield insulation with 2 small vivosun 100 cfm inline duct vans and exhaust going out an existing vent off the side of a 2 story house on a small hill (about 25’ up) that was the restroom exhaust. Inside I have a vivosun 4" carbon filter and a 250 cfm vivosun inline exhaust fan. 2 vivosun vs1000 full spectrum led lights, 1 strong clip on stationary fan and 1 strong clip on oscillating fan. I have a wifi connected irrigation water drip pump system controlled from my cell and a 1/8" silicone clear water line going to 2 5 gallon water jugs in the closet corner. I also have all the power outlets on a remote control both lights are on 1 button all 3 supply and exhaust fans on 1 button and the camera in the tent (that is a direct digital connection to a wireless panel) is on 1 button. The clip on fans the dehumidifier the humidifier and water pump are all directly plugged up to constant power.

I got 2 of the 5 gallon all included grow kits from apotforpot.com

Ive got 2 plants started from ilgm.com auto flower seeds ; 1 girl scout cookies and 1 Bruce banner. Both are very aromatic from what I am reading.

Using bottled water for the germination and seedling then I have the 2 5 gallon buckets that I filled with city tap water and has already been sitting for 3 days to evaporate the chlorine. I have not checked the PH or TDS of any of it.

I soaked seeds for 26 hours moved carefully to seed pod and 3 days later gsc has sprouted nothing visible on Bruce banner.

This is my first grow ever and I have neighbors and 2 teenagers, so can someone please tell me if this setup will remain stealthy and discrete through the whole process for these 2 plants?? We are about to get my wife’s oldest 2 teenagers so total of 4 and this will probably be the only way we will get able to continue smoking the high grade stuff.

Will I need to add another carbon filter on the exhaust in a closed plastic tote then going on to wall exhaust? Or will any of this work with is living in the house? I hope I am just being paranoid since I’ve spent a fortune now but it has to be discreet…any ideas or advise.


Um, yeah I think you got stealth down


Even during harvest and curing? I am mostly worried about smell…

Using the carbon filter is good but you are venting outside at the top of the house even

As long as nobody goes in the attic or wonders why you are going up there so often (you still have to take care of the ladies) you should be good

How you going to get water up there when they are thirsty out of curiosity


I have a wifi connected irrigation drip pump going into the 5 gallon bags that are feed through a 1/8" line from 2 5 gallon water jugs sitting in in the corner of my closet downstairs. So my thoughts are every few days send a 1/2 gallon through the pump I think that would be a good amount for the 2 5 gallon bags, do you think so?

It is controlled by an app on my cell phone

Well, you might need to be more hands on than that because I can easily see you unintentionally overwatering using your system but if you can dial it in and automate the process some good on ya


Just be aware they are all going to know.


Thank you

so how much water would 2 plants typically need, the directions with the soil kit said 1/4 gallon every few days for 1?

I haven’t started using the drip pump yet. It’s only day 3 of germination/seedling. I used a spray bottle for them with bottled water. Sprayed the pellet pod…7 or 8 times I guess once a day.

Well I am trying to stop anyone from knowing, so when you say that do you mean the smell? I think I have my setup where Ill only go up there once a week after transplanting to big bag to spray the nem oil

It looks to me like you’re fine on smell

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It all looks good the only problem I see is hiding something from 4 teenagers. “Why is he up in the attic so long an so many times a day?”


I agree. It’s plenty stealthy unti someone opens door to closet and says what is the duct for?


Well you did an excellent job of trying to conceal the grow and contain the odor. Congrats!

With that said you chose a very loud strain Bruce Banner. The irresistible smell of Bruce Banner soon turns into the incredible Hulk and comes busting through walls carbon filter or not. If the smell is of concern to you then try Northern Lights


Bond, James Bond @grw2smk


Stealth and teenagers usually don’t go together. I could not stay out of the tent that long. I would be concerned with heat build up both in the tent and attic. What kind of temps are you experiencing now? Is there a source of conditioned air if need be?
Four teenagers in one house. Good luck on all fronts


As an ex teenager one of them will get bored and explore every inch of your building when you’re not around, then they’ll tell the others and they’ll probably say whatever and let you do your thang just dont be surprised when buds go missing during your dry

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True that. I know every in of my old house and that includes where dad hid his stash of playboys and penthouses

Only thing catches my eye is the old bathroom exhaust spot. Cant be all that big of a outlet so pushing all the air thru might pose as a problem down the line. But i hope not. Nice sneaky setup hope the attic dont get too sweltering hott up there.

Oh I hadn’t thought about that heat factor