Will my plant survive? Advice

Strain : No idea
Temps: Day around 20 - 23 , Night 11-14
Humidity: Varied some times around 40% others closer to 80%

Hi all,
I have just one single plant outside in the garden, its in a pot usually getting most of sunlight through out the day.

It was doing very well, i would even say was very bushy and loads of leafs, which i thought i would need to prune a little. After asking my partner to do it (i was away for few weeks so wasn’t able to do it), she kind of went too far. I will add a photo to show.

My questions is will the plant recover, since its just the only one there is and growing it is more of an experiment sort of thing, for me its more important to get it back to health and not so much about the yield.

Edit: I forgot to say that the plant was like a Christmas tree, and visually looks like 1/2 up to 2/3 of leafs got removed,

Thank you all in advance.

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I’m new to growing but my guess is that it will recover but I’m sure it will be stunted for awhile with that much pruning. Im sure others with more experience will chime in. Good luck!

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I wouldn’t suggest such a heavy pruning but she will be fine


Not a good practice to remove ANY leaves during veg FYI. If it doesn’t hermi you’ll be OK.

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Thanks, would this also include topping? Reason i wanted to do it is it felt like the massive fan leaves were making it hard to get light to lower branches, and some of the ones below started to go yellow and wilt away.

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Next time, don’t let anyone else clip her. :grinning:

Tuck if you can; remove if you have to. Lower leaves are going to drop anyway so I just let nature take it’s course and remove only when the plant releases them.

The neat thing is that this is YOUR plant and you can experiment and do whatever you like to find what works for you. There are many paths to the finish and most work just fine.

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Awesome, I will let her be and see how it goes, will do some photo updates in week or so. For now i will just let nature take its course.

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Hey, i have a problem with my plants being to small for their age, I think. I know my problem doesn’t quite relate to this topic, but the question remains the same.
I live in Slovenia (mediterranean climate) and i planted my seeds aprox. one month ago directly into the soil for transplanting and germinating seeds. they came out in about one week max and were kept for another week in a bit poor light conditions so their stems grew tall. After that i moved them onto my balcony in the shade right next to the sun cause i didn’t want the sun to overheat the quiet small black plastic pots. Small pots have been chosen because i will be gverilla growing, so it is easier for transport. after another week i placed them behind the sun blockers.
There was a bit of cold weather after warm and now summer is starting. The temperature difference wasn’t that big though.
Watering was mybe a bit poor but the never run out or had too much of it
Any suggestions or comments would be very helpful.
I apologize i advance if there is a thread talking about this somewhere, but I think this is a specific problem . Please help.

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Hello my friend, plants look healthy, I suspect you need to transplant and bury that stems just under the cotyledon. Hope this helps

So it has been around 4 weeks since the last post here, the plant has grown back out (even though we had a bad storm and few branches got destroyed and even the main stem was a little damaged)

My question is should I do anything to it or should i just let it keep growing, it is outdoors, but the pot is not exactly big so it feels like this is the maximum size the plant will be and I’m wondering if maybe its too much foliage/size and i should reduce it

@Myfriendis410 you gave some good advice here, so hope you can chime in a bit more

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Read up on Supercropping; that will bush the plant out and keep it a bit shorter. If you are in veg and it’s a photo period plant, go ahead and transplant up. Why not? She’s happy.

yeah I was considering to put it into a bigger pot, just have to get one first, and hopefully get it trained a little bit more to get more sunlight to all parts of the plant

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You could remove some stuff down low if you don’t think it’s going to get light. I would avoid taking anything from the canopy unless the health of the plant is in jeopardy. The leaves are your sugar factory.