Will my plant get biger

32 days vegg…toped…defoliated…l.s.t…1200watt…mars hydro…15 gallon…bucket…intake.and out take fan…temp.is 85/90…fox farm mixed with Ocean forest…Super skunk femail…want to scrog…but so small…how long should I veg her…she is 31 days. She has crazy internods that are so close with multiple tops at least 10 already.how do I finish this one plant out…under…My l.e.d.marys hydro…when should I flip…Will she get big…am.i on the right track…please help…

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they usually double or triple in size when switched to flowering. oh and just fyi about aluminum foil, it tends to focus light like little laser beams, which ends up burning the leaves.

Topped, defoliated, bent and twisted.

Give the poor wee bugger a chance to grow a bit, the constant bending cutting and breaking means she doesn’t get a chance to put some beef on.


Hi @Salaam I am no expert on led indoor grows but heres a couple of tips to help you out. Your temps are very high, can you increase your exhaust fans output or the duration that it is on . Ideal lights on temps are in the mid 70s. Correct me if I am wrong but have you removed all the plants fan leaves? Although the plant looks healthy enough by removing all the larger fan leaves you have inhibitted the plants ability to photosynthesise which is how it produces what it need to grow. The fact the plant is only 32 days in veg and I see no fan leaves and a set of pruners in the pot concerns me. Put the pruners away, let the plant have a rest from the training for a bit and things should start to turn around for you. By the way whats with the pegs?


She needs her fan leaves to live. A lot of her nourishment comes from them.