Will my plant be ok?

A question from a fellow grower:

I have 2 ww seedlings, both 20 days in soil from germination and transplanted them to 6 litre pots a week ago. I gave them 50% plantfood npk ratio 8:1:3 diluted in water with a ph of around 6.7. At the moment it seems like they grow vigorously although the 1 is stretching more. From growing its first set of leaves I noticed 1 of my plants has a slight handicap,the 1 leaf curls to the right,looks as if it has not been properly formed. Is this genetic causes,has this happened before, will my plant be ok?

Looks fine so far just keep an eye on the ph and let it do its thing I noticed in the background it looks like your using tinfoil with is no good that reflects light but is mostly trapping heat in use white board instead reflects more light and dosent trap the heat

The seedling does look slightly stressed, the color is good though, so at least that is good.

Keeping an eye on temps as mentioned above would be a good idea.

You might want to hold off an adding anything more to the feeding, it looks healthy and green and seedlings don’t really need any added food in the first couple of weeks or so, depending on various factors, but usually they have plenty in their cotyledon to get started with. It does look like it could be an early reaction to being in a soil that also might have too many nutrients for such a young seedling

You might also think about bringing the pH down maybe a little, 6.7 might be a little high, but it could be fine, it depends somewhat on what the soil is made up of, and it may contribute to the degree that pH can affect the nutrient availability in the soil mixture as well.

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I agree, leaf curl on a plant that young would be from the fertilizer strength. I would not add any nutrients for the next 2-3 waterings.

I also agree ph just a bit high 6.0 would be more in line and I think you fed her nutrients to earley.
But just water for now and she will be just fine.