Will my order still be honored after billing gets straightened out?


I ordered 20 blueberry autos and 20 ak autos that are on sale this morning around 4:15am cst. Got an email shortly after saying the payment was declined so I called the bank and straightened it out then sent an email to ILGM letting them know my end had been resolved. My concern is the sale ends tonight at midnight and from what I’ve read no one is there on weekends.
Once they run the charge again will they still honor the price at the time of initial order?
I’ve bought several times from here and have never had issues with billing. Just don’t want to miss the sale, this noob needs all the help he can get! :grin::cry:


I’m sure they will still honor it.
@Majiktoker @garrigan62 @latewood might be able to reassure you.

This is the best site around to purchase seeds or to get support during your grow. You are in good hands. :+1:


No doubt brother! When I decided to buy seeds this is the first site I found and haven’t thought about leaving. All their seeds have popped for me minus some Super Skunk reg seeds but with my track record it’s hard for me to say it was bad seeds! :rofl: I have whatever the opposite of “a green thumb” is.


Im sure they will be understanding about it especially if it comes down to keeping a valued customer


Thanks @Majiktoker. Means a lot.


If you replied back to the company in the same email they sent you; It should work itself out. Shoot me your order number only and we will wait and see what happens. lw-admin


@latewood, thanks for the reply. I saw that it went through at the bank. I’m gonna see if I can delete this thread. Thanks to all the help. Love this site


You should leave thread until order comes through. This way we all can see that the order came through OK. Keeps us all on the same page, just in case


Yessir. :blush: Will do


I just tried to order seeds with my debit card and the bank declined the transaction becase thay sent me a text and it looked like 2 different copanies tried to take my payment . need help on this one please . Does iltgm have a clone scam site?


We dont discuss billing practices here. Ilgm is not a scam. It is a 100% legitimate company. If you are having problems ordering contact them via the support link on the seed shop site.


Sorry haven’t been on in awhile.
No scam. They’ll make it right. But, what I’ve learned, let your bank know in advance you’ll be using your card for overseas purchases first.