Will my buds make it?

What do you mean a recharge with Epsom salt?

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Just going to throw this out there. I have been getting great information from many places. I read an article that said the plants don’t need the calcium in mid to late flower and you should use Epsom for the magnesium. Any opinions on this are welcome.
Happy Christmas Eve everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. :blush::v:

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do just the epsom salt. 2tsp per gall. looks like a mag. def.


Your ph at 6 - 6.2 that’s not a deal breaker. PPM Numbers not bad . Probably seeing the lime green color in plant from the Sledge hammer flush.


Too close to done to do much about it at this point, I’d just go water only til chop, some epsom salt wouldn’t hurt.


Update: I watered with Epsom salt and magnesium last Friday as suggested. Last Monday I fed below.

Ppm runoff was around 1900 and ph runoff is still in the 6-6.2 range. Going in ph was 6.5. I have one plant that seems unaffected by the brown spots but my others are not looking so hot.
I’m on day 62, any new advice? I’ve got to water today, was going to only water and no nutes.

Here are my trichomes on my furthest along plant from yesterday. I don’t have the steadiest of hands that’s for sure…

I am looking forward to what everyone says about your yellow leaves. I have a couple of clones that suffered nutrient lockout and still throwing out leaves like that a month later.

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