Will my buds make it?

First time grower here. Everything was going find until around when preflower started week 4/5.

Ilgm banana kush auto
55 days from sprout
4x4 tent, 4 inch carbon air filter
2 bloomspect blurple lights and a Mars Hydro tsw2000
Fabric pots
Watering every 2-3 days until runoff
Fox farm nutrients

I’ve been dealing with brown spots and dying leaves since flower began. It started in the lower leaves and I was thinking I had a calcium issue. I made the mistake of using 1/2 FFOF and 1/2 something from lowes, I don’t even recall the name of it. Rookie mistake. The lowes soil was on the bottom half of the plants and I’m thinking that’s why the plants were healthy when they were younger but now maybe the soil is too hot. I also just got a ph & tds meter a few weeks ago and was horrified at how off my runoff ph was. It was 5.5 and I added some dolomite lime a couple weeks ago. I can say I think that has helped since now my runoff is in the 6-6.2 range. I did a sledgehammer flush a week and a half ago to try to break up a potential salt build up.

I’m on the Fox farms feeding schedule 1/2 strength, with a feed then water schedule. My leaves look worse every day and now it’s getting to the sugar leaves and fan leaves next to the buds. Will I be able to salvage them?


I think I may have duplicated some pics, sorry!

Looks like you had a lock out which you fixed and indeed looks like you have a calcium deficiency. Probably didn’t feed correct ppms after flush

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This is very interesting because I have an ilgm banana kush auto, and I’ve had the same problem, I’m in ffof and I’ve tried everything. Ugliest plant I’ve ever grown. I’m a week away from harvest. Still ugly, but I’ll get a couple oz. maybe.
I’ll never do another.

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Are you guys feeding any nitrogen or cal mag in flower?


I started FF nutes at week 4.

Week 4: cal mag, big bloom, grow big

Week 5: cal mag, big bloom, grow big

Week 6: cal mag, big bloom, grow big, next watering I did a sledgehammer flush

Week 7: cal mag and tiger bloom only. Was this a mistake? I was afraid to push it after the flush

Week 8: (2 days ago) I picked up more FF nutes and fed cal mag, big bloom, grow big, tiger bloom, beastie bloomz, bembe, and kelp me kelp you. Mistake?

I’m due to water tonight or in the morning. I’m not sure what I should do next.

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My plants are not the ones you’d take home to meet your mom, that’s for sure!

What have you tried to do to correct?

Yes, I’ve been feeding ff nutes, and cal mag. Didn’t phase it.

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I flushed the shit out of it, I’ve ph’d water, ff nutes like you, and cal mag. Nothing helped. I added dolomite lime to my soil before planting to help stabilize ph, and I was thinking that’s where I went wrong, even though I’ve done it before, maybe these banana kush are more sensitive.

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I think mine are about done, although little to no amber trichs.


That’s good that you are almost at the finish line! I only have 1 that is somewhat close with 50% red hairs. :confused:

You probably have about 20 days left I wouldn’t worry too much and just follow the feed schedule

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Yeah those are close if not already done

@Hellraiser used ff nutes prior to jacks and AN maybe he can be of good help to you. I don’t think imo ff nute lines is for soil seems like it would be more of a coco or hydro nutrient with all the flushing involved. Jacks 321 is where it’s at. Super simple to use and super easy on the pocket as a big bag of each can last a year plus at like 50 a bag or so ones 35 ones 50 and epsom.salt is like a dollar a lb

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look’s to be in early flowering stage. Couple of things my frist thoughts plants look hungry. And how much Cal Mag are you using ? Follow up check runoff PPM and PH . :v::+1: good luck

are your lights too close? do a recharge with epsom salt on the side

I’ve been feeding calmag with every feeding 1 tsp/gal. I think I stay have the lock out issue maybe since my runoff ph is 6-6.2? My run off ppms were around 1900-2000 3 days ago. I’m getting ready to water with calmag only now. Not sure what else to do.

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I do need to raise them a little since the top colas are not at 18 inches from the light anymore but I don’t think that is the issue since my short flat that is more like 24 inches from the light is affected.