Will my autoflower still bud if it has nutrient burn. Look at picture

This is my first grow . My autoflower is 5 weeks old above soil. The plant recovered twice from over watering and it caused it to have deficiancys . lower leaves started turning yellow and some fell off and the stems turned purple. It looked like my plant needed nutrients so started feeding it last week a 1/4 tea spoon of fox farms big bloom to 16oz of water with no problem then yesterday i gave it 1/2 tea spoon of fox farms big bloom to 16 oz of water and the leaves that were yellow from deficiancy turned a orange brown color and the tips of my top leaves curled upwards . Is this a nutrient burn ? My plant had just started flowering . will this nutrient burn stop the flowering process ? And what should i do ? This is my plant.

I usually use tiger bloom for flowering stage lol

But I’m not an expert it seems it would still bloom but it may mess up the smoke, potency and yield (in my opinion)