Will Mesh Trellising help?

Here are the current plants I have in hydro. They have been vegging since Jul 9 and are starting to show some pretty good pre-flowering. I have been pruning and training these since the 3rd set of double leaves breaking the bud off the stem line as soon as they are easily identifyable, lollipopping off smaller growths and removing some larger fan leaves when they over-shadow developing, bud bearing growth. So now I’ve got a very dense canopy developing.

Will using a mesh trellis help any as these plants continue to develop? Right now I planning on starting these plants into flowering in 10 - 14 days or at about 1/2 the maximum plant height the lights in my enclosure is going to permit. I also plan on continuing to crop them back until the colas begin to fill in. Hopefully this will help to maximize what the plants produce as much as possible.

Here’s a couple of pics to show current growth.

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If you keep cutting pieces off, you are going to stress the plant and your yield will suffer.

Trellising is fine if you see a need for it.

Thanks, latewood.

You’ve definitely convinced me to lay-off the fan leaves. Although this is one of those issues I’ve spoken to before as being very confusing for inexperienced growers. There’s any number of “gurus” on Youtube and the various Cannabis Forums promoting drastic “cropping” in the form of removing fan leaves and thick shoots on and near the stem low on the plant and beginning to form a second canopy. (Something that is starting to happen with these plants.) In fact this is most of the basis for the trellising question in the first place.

Personally, I think I’ve got some really nice plants going here and I want to give them every chance to max out their yield.

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I am on your side man! You gonna owe me a bud! LOL

The greatest advice I can give to friends; Grow naturally. Do not try a bunch of different methods during a grow. if you want to experiment; Plan for it.

I only experiment with crops that do not cost me money. How many of those do we experience?

Happy Growing ! :slight_smile:

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Hi, latewood,

Hope I didn’t come off sounding abrasive in that post. Aside from personal experience you guys at ILGM are the sources of all knowledge where growing is concerned. When I wrote the post I had just came back from the Post Office with padded envelops from 2 seed orders that had been nabbed by Customs/Dept. of Agri. Man those A-holes need a frigging hobby. The crap they are pulling should be a violation of the 4th Amend Search and Seizure Provisions somehow. There’s no way my orders could pop up so often if the “slit and sniff” inspections are truly random. I think they have a hit list with my name at the top. :rage:

Well what do you think about these plants? I’m planning on puhing them into flower in 2 weeks at most. I did need to ask about the loads of growth popping up on the lower limbs in next to the stem and from the stems themselves. There is no way light is going to get in to all these little budding shoots. Have you ever had plants try put on a jungle of growth in under the primary limbs and canopy? (Maybe you can tell from the pics what I’m talking about

There are some candidates for cloning in amongst all the brush but I haven’t expanded my grow capacity enough for another enclosure as yet. There should be planty of buds without having a jumble of small stuff underneath, right?

Many thanks for the help and ideas, man. I truly appreciate it.

Could it be the singular and most addictive thing about cannabis is proving to the “powers that be” that it isn’t addictive?

Peace and keep on toking.