Will it survive?


I have two White Widow autos I sprouted recently. The first popped just dandy. The second made it’s way with a little extra attention, but is very small compared to it’s sibling. It looked alright once it cleared the soil, but the after the two starter leaves came, the real leaves on the second plant turned out to be quite small. Have any of you had any luck getting these tiny leafed plants off the ground? I’ve seen this before and the ones I see usually linger a bit, then die off. Just curious if any of you have been able to nurse plants like this into mature plants. The seeds are White Widow autos I got from another source. Planning to use them up then get into all the seeds I’ve purchased at ILGM. Pics are the one healthy sprout and it’s less healthy sister.! Both planted the same day. Sprouted the same day too.

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Looks alive and willing to me!

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I see 1 picture looks good to me.
Is that the healthy one? Sure looks it
Either way let it grow and take its coarse. Should be fine. Seeds grow at different rates even if same strain and same parents.

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Wow second pic just loaded on my screen lol.
I replied when i saw the small one.

Just call that the little sister. She will be fine.

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Had some trouble uploading both pics. It’s alive and doing alright, but it’s nowhere near the size it’s sister is. I’ve had others in the past similar to it that hung on a bit, then fizzled out. No worries though… I’m going to take care of it until it either pulls through or fizzles out. I appreciate the advice!

They both look fine to me… some seeds are slow starters.
Give them time, they’ll reward you.

I agree, it will probably be fine.

I figured I’d post an update. Seems my little weakling plant is suicidal. Looks like the reason it didn’t grow well is because the root made a U-turn then began pushing itself up out of the dirt. I caught it when I saw the root tip peeking up at me. I pulled it out and discovered it was u-shaped, so I gently straightened it out and returned it to the peat cup. It did great a few days, then did the same dang thing. I pulled it again and re-straightened the root and put it back. Is doing much better again and I think it’s going to pull through this time. My only concern is all this delay is throwing my grow out of sync. I have the other White Widow doing well and also a bag-seed plant that’s about a month ahead of these white widows. It’s a photo plant so I guess I’ll just roll with the photo schedule and these two white widows can flower whenever they feel like it This is all in FF dirt using their nutes under a 600watt MH bulb and a QB 550 v3 with LM301H. I was on the fence about the little one and all the trouble, but once I figured out it was uprooting itself and fixed that, I think it’s going to come to it’s senses and take off. . Here she is today. Still a baby, but much better than that tiny little thing it started off as. Should be a happy normal plant soon.

These are the others in the tent…Bag-seed is the big one. The bag had an LK written on it. Anyone know what that may be? The small one is the other White Widow that’s coming along nicely. Should start taking off soon.

It’s been a while since I posted. My suicidal White widow Auto has turned into a real champion. I’m happy I was able to save it. Main cola is around 9" of super frosty bud. Gorgeous plant. I officially declared 11/3 as the first day of flowering for it, so today would make 7 weeks flowering. I read that WWA’s flowering time is around 8-10 weeks. This plant is pretty close to done at 7 weeks I think. Debating whether to put her into her dark period and harvest or hold out another week per the suggested time line. She’s been dropping leaves about a week now also, so I’m pretty confident the end is near. Been giving her plain PH’d water past week and a half too. Think I’m good to proceed with going dark, then harvest or should I go another week?