Will it hurt to take outside?

A question from a fellow grower:

I am trying to grow 3 plants in small 14"x14"x36" inside cabinet hydrology . One is growing great , one medium and one healthy but small. All are in small pot with I think good light. Question is will it hurt to take outside on clear 65+degrees and put in sun and then put back inside cabinet. Still to cold here at night to leave outside. Trying to raise these so I can get oil for my daughter 43 years old who has brain cancer. Am a newbie.

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They should be fine to put outside, but just keep a close eye on them as the intensity of the sun could burn them if exposed to too much at first. Start off with half an hour outside and see how they react and just keep watching them, they should be fine. I start all seedlings under strong sunlight with no ill effects but plants that aren’t used to being exposed to it for their life can get shocked by the intensity


Do as @BondPacker said and keep an eye on them. At some point your going to have to find them a bigger place to put them and transplant into bigger pots or are you going to put them outside to finish?