Will it continue to grow

A question from a fellow grower:

My cat ate the leaves on my plant not a lot but enough to annoy. It was looking great. My plant seems to be unaffected but I had just transplanted her Monday he got to her Wednesday. . Will it continue to grow? It just started developing pistils before the transplant like a few days. . She’s kind of small and not full. Via very concerned. As I started with 16 plants now I’m down to one.

I started a four new seeds I don’t know the strain. They’re just Reg.

Am I wasting my time?

No she’ll be fine. But don’t water so much. I can tell by looking your plant



My cat is always trying to get to my plants. I found one of my seedlings all but destroyed by her but it came right back.

Thank you. I had her outside but she got to big to be steathy(lol). So they would need watering more often. I am going to check the pH also. I look online everyone’s plants look so lush. She was so beautiful before I transplanting. She is getting talker. I will let her dry out as this pot is huge and heavy.

It looks like you could top her too. That would make her bush out more.

Top I’ve only read about seems so easy it’s confusing. I will research. She’s the last of 16 plants. This is my first attempt at growing. Very interested in this industry, I think I would enjoy growing as new career as the industry is growing.

I hit wrong button. My reply is below. Thank you so very much.


OK…good deal, next time you water add a little root stimulate say 1/2 tsp hydrogen peroxide 1/2 tsp and 1/2 tsp of liquid thrive in gal. of water. . This will help bring her to come back.
No topping …she is IN A little shock right no. Maybe after a week an a half then maybe top of what ever.


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Darn cats! But we love them! Your plant looks awesome. It still has a lot of green. Check your moisture level. It looks like it might be getting either too much or too little. It does not look like your cat did that. Good luck!

Hydrogen peroxide is for oxygen to roots?

Ye it is

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Thank you much. Iam using fox farm. I think also they’re not quality seeds. I’m going to ordeer some seeds after I learn from my mistakes with her. I’m sure there will be more. I didn’t keep a journal. I have new seedling that stretched and it’s in the window sill I figure I would just see what happens. She’s out the seeds are from regular I bought. I just hope she produces buds in spite of. Thanks again.

When you have a question, ask.

I see this is an older post. How’s she doing?


This will help.

Thank you for your kindness. She’s doing well much better thank you. After I started correcting the pH she’s so much happier. There’s white pistils now, so she’s in flowering stage? But she’s still getting fuller and taller. I just hope I can get her through the flowering stage. Thanks again for the link.

It’s been awhile. Can’t really say I’m satisfied she still looks weird to me but I think she’s healthy. She’s in the flowering stage it’s been a little over a week. I gave her Beastie Buds Wednesday. I’m concerned about the bud size as I don’t know what a healthy flowering stage looks like. I turned off LED lights this week as the weather has been great higher temps. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. My first is comparing my plant to everyone on different sites. I also think I overfertilized (every watering I was fertilizing) and over watered in the beginning. A more experienced grower says in his post all the time listen to the plant. I’m almost for certain my soil is too acid. Next grow will be different.

I loved the article about natural growing. I have been doing a mix of both, getting concerned as fall temperatures are approaching and I think my lights aren’t right. I have four LED bulbs two are the same they seem hot and other two are different never feel heat emitting from them. I use my walk in closet when it’s cold and at night (temp is about not sure about 60ish). Mostly in my window with screen up. Once I figure lighting for one plant it might help. Four bulbs I think is too much. After putting her in window the leaves became more parallel to floor. I’ve pruned her recently and she’s full again.

I’ve only been using Distilled water for last two waterings last one had raw Cal mag in it still purple stems. Oh and leaves changed to three lobes, understand there’s no concern.

Well here’s a pic if her in flowering. How will I know how big the buds will be not expecting large ones because she’s been so stressed.

Thanks in advance.

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