Will I have enough time?

Question from a fellow grower:

season question we’re on may, most of plats flowers on september october… so my question is, if i plant a seed by lets say june the 1st, will it be ready to harvest on september? it’ll be 4 months, or i’ll have to wait until next year? how many time it needs no get in maximum size?? does the plant need to be on it maximum size to flower, or it could be since half grown? i live in northern mexico, so here will be hot weather until january

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You will be fine. Plant should be big also. Two months growing time, yes, plant will be big

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No, you’re plant won’t be big. My two month old plants are between 18-24 inches tall. Add in some stretch for flowering and you might hit 3ft tall at harvest.

Mine will have close to five months when they start to flower and they average 7 ft tall! So, I don’t think a 3 ft plant is tall.

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First welcome Get started go for it .

Your environment will determine the size of your plants. The quality of soil and weather conditions as well as number of daylight hours.
If they are photoperiod plants, when you start them doesn’t matter, but the sooner you start them, the bigger they’ll ultimately be.They will start flowering on their own when their environment tells them to, usually around the beginning of August in my area.

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4 months will be very tight to complete a total seed to harvest grow. Really need 5-6 months just in case something slows you down even with autos.

Give it a try and tell us about your experiences with your plants!

I’m just now germinating a few sour diesel seeds and i expect great results. Maybe not the biggest plants now that a few months have passed by for vegging but none the less they’ll produce.

Good luck!

My last grow was started a little late, I believe it was around June first. It was gold leaf, I still harvested in October, it wasn’t my largest harvest, but it was definitely worth the grow. Though I am located in the south where the climate helped me.

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That’s good to know GG. I am hoping to have my WW in the dirt by June 1st. I am growing outdoors in the south and was a bit concerned about starting late. Do you have any tips about a late start that I should be aware of?


I would suggest growing autos if your season is short.

I had a seed stock issue and am also a month behind but I’m in Canada so I get much less sun and warmth. Planted 2 strains and 2 each.
I have a 4x2 tent and have started them in the tent for right now but once they are big enough I’ll put them outside.
Once it gets the end of the season if they are not ready I may just sacrifice 2 early and move 2 inside to the tent, unfortunately a 4x2 is to small for 4 plants.

In Mexico you should be fine if your planting autos.

If you’re in Mexico and your growing season ends in (January?) Your plants will be monsters. Even if you start now, they’ll have 7 months to grow. I started a photo (from seed) last year in the middle of July and she still produced an ounce. She wasn’t huge but she produced and she only had maybe 3 months of grow time.

Keep updating. I’ll be curious because I got a late start this year also. I’m in the mid west, didn’t get them in the ground till late May.