Will I have enough heat?


have a small hydroponics setup i’m starting 18" x 30" mars epistar 98 284 draw watts 400 stated big enough for 2’x3’. I just wondered if I’m gonna have enough heat this winter(ohio). Keep heat in house at 71 during day 66 at night. My wife’s freezing me so I’m worried about the girls, haven’t got it completely set up yet,didn’t want to start until I figure this out…Thanks in advance


I think you’ll be fine. You can take advantage of traditionally lower power cost and run your lights at night if you’d like.


You can always add a drop mechanic light with a warm light equivalent to veg or flower to help with temp .


thanks Yoshi and dbrn32. I’ve still got a little more work to get everything set up and then the fun begins…oldngrey2


You could also use CFls to bring the heat up when you’re in veg. They can turn a cold room into an 80° room real quick