Will I get a good yield? 1st grow thoughts?

I have 6 (LSD strain) girls in 5 gal pots that I just switched to flower today (low stress trained, thick stems and topped to hell lol). I have 2 600watt LED lights I have an ac for my room and a dehumidifier in the tent, when the dehumidifier runs the temp goes up to about 75-76 but when off it’s stable at 70-71. Humidity ranges from 40-50% (causing higher % to turn on dehumidifier) and The tent is 4X5X7 I think don’t remember.
So I’m curious on an estimate what do you think will be my total yield will be?
I’m hoping for at least 3-4lbs between all 6 don’t know if its possible but that is what I hope for… also this is my first grow ever and I’m already very very pleased with how well they are doing.
ps - sorry for the color difference in photos, took one before I hit the bloom switch to on.

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In the future take photos with natural light or with a flash.

3-4 pounds is very optimistic for a first time grower. If you harvest 3-4 ounces of quality bud you should be happy. I’m not saying 3-4 pounds is not possible, just not probable.


@NewGrower2019, your plants look great (as far as I can tell in the purple light).
To put @aaa comment in perspective, each of my plants is about three feet across (I grow six at a time in 8’ X 8’ room, 10 gallon pots). I average 12 - 17 ounces of top shelf bud per plant. I am fairly new to growing with only 1 1/2 years and 7 grows under my belt.

The main room sports in excess of 2000 watts of lighting.

My first harvest from 5 plants in 10 gallon pots was 7 ounces of good bud and 20 ounces of larf.
At the time I was super excited over the results.


Merlin is humble. Dude got SKILLS. And 2000w of intense lighting. As stated a couple lbs isnt out of range to aim for. But its not a healthy goal to aim at for a first timer. Go for big, happy, healthy. Learn, rinse repeat. In a year ull look back at laugh at ur optimism and how easily obtainable it is when you get the little things done.

Lovely looking gals btw. Nexttime try to get pics in natural lighting (turn off lights). And how long from seed are you?


I was hoping for a quarter ounce a plant but got between 2-3 oz per plant first time. It was a great experience and I learned a ton I will use on next grow


You will not be able to get that weight with those light’s i run 2 600w hps mh lights in my 4x4x6 grow tent doing 6 plants at a time i get from 589 grams to 650 grams of trimmed wet bud weight per plant and even on the lab side everyone is getting .6 to .8 grams a watt
Don’t buy into the 3 grams a watt you tube b.s. i still have not seen it and there’s some excellent growers on here and they aren’t getting it either
Hope this helps you and you should check out what your light’s actually draw from the wall to give you a idea if your going to have loose airy buds or tight rocks

I’m gonna have some rocks next time with my new qb build :sunglasses::blush::sunglasses:


I beg to differ. 4-5 plants 200w diy strip. 500+ grams :+1:t5: And only a 6~ week veg.

It is possible. Just not a feasible starting goal

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Is that trimmed weight or whole plant
And i get i get big numbers but once cured im at .7 grams a watt just like everyone else the myth im talking about is the 2 or 3 grams a watt when it’s cured
I keep hearing this but i can’t find anyone on public or labside doing it but I don’t know everything either

Have you checkd @MattyBear’s grows? Dude killd it with a 100w light :joy::joy:. That was dried and roughly trimmed. I clip away sugars pretty good but nothing commercial. And honestly? Im pretty sure i cheated. Took advantage of every inch of space. The one Purple Train was 140+ grams. N she came down a week or two early. Only one that felt… light was RD and she had weight by the sheer cola amount. I even removed most her stems for her final weight.