Will coco coir transmit allergens?

I finally found some FFoF and some Happy Frog locally and noticed some coco off to the side. I had never heard of it before I came here, so I decided to give it a look.

I didn’t realize it was a coconut product. Normally this wouldn’t give me a second thought, but my son’s new girlfriend is allergic to coconut, which led to this question.

She says she is highly allergic. Not wanting to cause her any problems (I know she’ll be smoking some of mine unless her kids run him off! )I became concerned about the possibility of a reaction.

Does anyone know?

Coco is a nuetral medium meaning that it does not provide nutrients or minerals so I can only assume it wouldn’t trigger allergy unless you powder your buds with it? Though I am not certain I am making a logical guess

My logic works the same way, but not having enough information about allergens and the way they affect things my logic could be flawed. It seems like the allergens would be contained within the oils of the coconut.

I know stuff for nut allergies is listed if processed in the same place. Same with shellfish I believe. I figured it was mainly covering their asses if something got slipped in, but I don’t know if that’s the only reason.

And…just thought of it…if it wouldn’t be an allergen, would it do well outside mixed with the Happy Frog and FFoF and perlite?

that’s because factories are sloppy and all it takes is a stray nut to cause them a lawsuit though I don’t think there is much in the way of oils left in coco husk
As for mixing with soil good question perlite sure

Perhaps @garrigan62 would know? Who would be the best to bother with this question?

This is really a no brainer. " DON’T USE IT " ITS grown by the sea it hods water it also has juice. Need I say more.
If you care about this person " WHICH I KNOW YOU DO " or you wouldn’t be asking don’t take any risks if there that allergic !!



I absolutely care! I take a little pride in the knowledge that when my buds are ready to smoke the people I share with actually get excited!

I know, I know. "Who doesn’t get excited about good free smoke?! "

I’m looking for good mediums and heard so much about the coco that I was planning on getting it, which is why I asked.

Thank you. I’m pretty sure I will go with the cautious side of me and just eliminate the coco as an option. A helluva risk to take on a “maybe” .

Yes a heluva risk. …sorry if I was so up front with my option. I hope you weren’t afenfed And I did say I knew you cared other wise you wouldn’t be asking…when it comes to someone’s health Like her’s . I have seen people that were so allergic to peanutbutter it nearly killed them. That’s why I was so up front.


Not to worry, I was in no way offended. The exclamation was fully agreeing with you. My concern is why I asked.

Her allergies are severe according to her. I have a nephew allergic to shellfish, so I kinda have an idea of how bad things can get.

I’m an ex con (25 years clean except for growing) so it’s hard to offend me unless someone is just completely disrespectful.

Lack of honor and respect sets me off, but I’m trying to overcome that to since I have to reside in today’s culture. It’s amazing how bad it’s getting. Another reason I’m enjoying the forum here. Now days most people don’t worry about offending.

Thank you.

Its just the way I was raised…to respect others. And ypubeing in doesn’t bother me one bit…as a mater of fact I tent rooms out in my home and had two parodies live here and my son is getting out of Walla Walla State Pen this July. So in a weired way we have something in common.

Now my ex was highly allergic to shrimp. And lobster or shelfishalso…
It’s crazy how people can meet n places like this and have aot in common and can relate with things…lol

So did you come up with anything else to use. ?
So anyway B Safe


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Part of what makes this place so great. It’s the little things people have in common that help holds them together. I’m glad to hear you’re able to help some transition back to society. It can be a hard time going from that life to this one.

If not for my finding my wife, I may have returned. She helped me overcome anger issues with inconsiderate and disrespectful people. Another reason I smoke. It helps me deal with stupid.

I believe I’m gonna go with the FFoF. I will also get the Happy Frog. I will have three different pots. One of each and one of both. All will have perlite mixed in. Gonna see where that goes.

Remind your son that stupid is not worth going back in for. :wink:

Thank you!

I most certain will. I have talked with his counseler getting him ready to. return to the outside. He’ll be coming here not his mother’s. I have talked with him on the phone.he’s been in and out sence he was 13 he’s now 36 he was told one note time and he’s gone for good. They have had enough you know what I’m saying. Bit he’ll be in good hands wityj daf

Anyway…I bought some Bonnie Mix its very close to the Pro Mix BX that Latewood specks of here. Then add Sterile soil, Bat Gauno and worm castings. Its a clean mix with no nutrients what so ever. This will give me better control over my pants intake. Vers soil with time release.
This new soi will be for my 19 clones that are just about ready for trans poirt.

Here is a pic of part of one of my clones starting to flower. She has already been transplsnted

B Safe

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Doesn’t the bat guano and worm castings provide all the nutrients? I thought both were high in nitrogen and the castings pretty much complete.

Mixing in 5 gal Buckets don’t over do .or add bat or worm And thel pants are well established. 10. To. 13 inches high.


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Just a quick side question…I just checked and found the beginning of amber showing on my Berry White. I plan on taking her around 50/50. Should I stop feeding her or will I still have time to feed her again?

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Wait another 4 or 5 days and keep checking your amber when your close to where you want that amber and trust me you’ll know…lol
And another trick you want to do just when your ready to take them down turn off your light for 24 hr’s the plant thinks oh shit out of time and kicks in and puts weight on and other good stuff we like
I have two right now better then 75% amber so I’m using final finish by advance nutrients. Starting in the morning.for my flush. The more amber better high chouchj lock…lol



Yeah, I can’t turn off my light. Lol. I guess I could bring her inside and put her in a closet.