Will buds grow around existing objects?

For example, as seen in the pictures I have a relatively large gauged soft flexi wire but it’s in front of a Bud that will eventually form a cola.

Will it grow over or not grow at all?

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I would reposition the soft tie below the bud if you still need it. Otherwise, remove it.


To answer your question; yes and no. It depends on the obstruction and it’s location. Just use your judgment.

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Moderator - off topic… Can you answer a question about Grow Journals? Do i have to respond to my last post pr someone elses post to have it get the attention from the public?

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From ‘public’ I’m assuming the rest of the forum. Most growers tag a few others to their grow journal, over time a following kind of develops and of course when you peruse other journals, you can either post a link to yours or go back and tag them in.

I normally bounce around trying to mentor so don’t get to ‘watch’ a lot of journals myself. Lots of great folks here who want to grow weed: you should enjoy it.

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Thank you