Will beastie bloomz kill organic soil

I’m pretty new to growing organically, only on my second organic grow. My question is, I have some fox farm beastie bloomz, and cha ching. Will using these kill, or harm my organic soil?

The products are salt based and it will no longer be an organic grow. I don’t really know the answer to the specific question of is it harmful. I can’t imagine it would be though.

I do this sometimes and haven’t noticed any trouble. I give the soil a thorough flush before reusing it but I think that is “better safe than sorry” kind of thinking. The small amounts used would probably take a few grows in the same soil to start building up enough to be a problem.

Remember even though FF soil isn’t organic it still contains microbial life (as do a few parts of the 12 part system). I don’t think they’d sell anything that adversely effected other stuff they sell if they suggest using those products together.

It will be fine. Used all three of the solubles from ff. Just means its not organic. In the past to my knowledge, blind taste test favors the salts, but both styles have there place. You just need to monitor ph.

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Thanks, I just don’t want to get into a situation where I have to depend on synthetic nutrients again, but would like to give this auto that has started to flower a boost. I also have some biothrive flower that is organic. Just hated to waste the beastie bloomz and cha ching I have from when I used to use synthetic nutes.


Yep @Dexterado …feed the rest of the synthetic…switch to the GH organic and finish the race. They’ll probably produce some of these from what I see so far

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