Will Auto survive a winter?

Hello all new to the forum and hoping for some advice. I have mild winters where the evening temps drop to 30degrees F not until early December. Do you think I could grow an Auto that was germinated in September and make it thru to the expected harvest in December? If so what Auto would be the best for this? Thanks all!!

Hi, I’ve never grown outdoors and I’m on my first one now but i don’t think there is a strain that takes 60 days, it’s possible but as the temps decrease it won’t help her grow. Best advice i can give is get a little indoor tent or goes box or wait out the winter. Honestly a tent and all the gear dor one plant will only cost you 200 bucks if you do it right (ebay)

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i would worry about it being that cold, and if you add some wind all your work will be for nothing, i grew ten white widow autos from i love growing last winter in my house in front of the bay windows, with out any lights because i live off grid and dont have unlimited electricity, they did great with only around 8 hours of light. ended up with about 2 foot plants that were as wide as tall didn’t weigh harvest but around 3.5 lbs