Will an enclosed cargo trailer work for space?

I have a 5’x8’x5’ enclosed aluminum cargo trailer with rear door. I’m looking at 200 cf. My question is will this work for a grow space? Being that it is thin metal it takes the outside temperature. If it’s hot it’s hot, vice versa. I’ll conceal my electrical service to it so that’s no problem. I’d like to know if there’s anything I just haven’t thought of why it’s not a good idea. I do have an alternative closet. I’m sure I’m not the first to consider using a trailer. Any advice is much appreciated.


I have a similar cargo trailer (6X13X7), I live in the northwest.

In the summer it gets well over 100 F in there and mine is white on the outside. Not ideal, would certainly require A/C.

If you really want to grow in there, consider insulating it.


Man that’s just what I’m thinking. I don’t want to have to pull a bunch more power just for ac. Shit I’m in Texas it gets hotter than haides in there in summer. So if it was just over the winter then maybe


I think that you will need A/C in any event. The lights produce heat which you must remove but if the outside air is 97 F it won’t cool your space.

The trailer can certainly work but heat management is something that we must deal with when growing under artificial light.


I think if it was me I would sell the trailer and invest the money in a small portable shed that I could use as a grow space. Something I could control the temp in better.

700 that ain’t bad for that. Oh yeah this would be way better. You really can’t stand up in the trailer either. Hmm

Im sure there are better values too. Just a quick lowes search there…
But you get the idea. I grow inside, but we all have different needs.

Yeah that’s a good idea. They have some right down the road here. Thanks

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Aside from the heat issues, 5’ is not really a lot of head room.