Will algae in water be harmful

I have tap water that I leave in buckets so the chlorine will dissipate, but I get a green algae starting. Can i use this on my grow?

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If your growing in Hydro I don’t think it will be beneficial at all. I believe algae needs light which will not be good for your root zone and I believe that it will take oxygen out of the water that the plant needs but I’m not one hundy on that.

As far as having algae kinda like “steeping” in water like a tea bag does, before your water soil with it I have absolutely no idea if it’s harmful or helpful.

If you’re growing in soil it’s not as big a deal. 3 of my watering jugs are white and I was having an algae buildup problem in them. I found out it does affect the pH a little. It didn’t seem to affect my plants in soil. I cleaned out the algae with a tiny amount Hydrogen Peroxide added to the water and painted the jugs. I’m not a hydro grower, but @TDubWilly is right on that algae is not good at all in hydroponics. I’ve done a lot of reading about it because I’m thinking about switching to hydro for my clones and algae not good @goodbate

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How you doing my friend.
No you’ll be fine. I have a 50 gal drum on my back deck and I collect rain water from the gutter and my water gets the same algae and I have been using it through out my grow and no big deal as a matter I think it helps in the growth…check out my Thread and see for your self. Look at the far end of the thread but I have used it from the very beginning

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