Will a myco flush cause root rot on seedlings?

Will a myco flush cause root rot on seedlings?

Overly wet soil will cause root rot. Mykos isn’t really going to help a seedling, as seedlings only have a tap root.

Seedlings should only get a couple ml of water per day. The risk/reward of introducing mykos just isn’t worth it.


Myco will guard against root rot. Providing beneficial microbes to colonize the root zone and prevent the bad bacteria from causing root rot.
I use Hydroguard on my DWC hydroponics and start as soon as my plants need water all the way to the week before harvest.

Myco sand Hydroguard will prevent the bad stuff from damaging your roots and helps breakdown salts in the water so your plant can better uptake nutrients.

Thanks, I thought as much but I have 2 seedlings growing one is a regular seed (Temple Kush freebie) the other is Green Crack Auto. I tried the flush on the T-K then put it in direct sunlight for a couple days. I heard that the cotyledon leaves have everything they need for up to 3-4wks. and don’t need anything (watering) is that true?

The seed has about 2 weeks of nutrients. I start mine in week 2.

Keep in mind that Hydroguard contains no mykos. Microbes and mykos are 2 different things.

Mykos makes no sense for a seedling which only has a tap root.

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I’m growing outside in the Midwest, temps. are going to be in the 90s-100 will that be to hot for direct sun on seedlings 1wk.old?

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What I mean by seedlings is 2” plants.

Also I used Mikros Myco and it has beneficial bacteria as well.

Yes, too hot for a seedling. @MidwestGuy gave you some sound advice :love_you_gesture:

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My seedlings are 1wk old and I’m thinking of watering with worm casings. Will that benefit,hurt or do nothing?

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Seedlings need water only and very little the first 2 weeks. If your medium is soil a shot glass of water every 3 days, coco every day :love_you_gesture:

Thanks ,I use a soil mix with compost,peat hummus,sand,perlite and composted softwood.

Also I’ve been giving them 2ml. daily is that too much or too little?

If you are looking for the best growth and plant health, then focus on the basics (Manage pH and PPM, proper watering, proper lighting, and so on.)

That is about correct for seedlings.

What’s the best medium and size fabric pots for growing W.W. auto outdoors?