Will a green light cause problems

So just wondering because I’m still currently waiting for my popped seeds to break soil
But like it’s been said no dumb question

So bought a humidifier for my new grow room
Was curious So shut out lights and it gives off a green glow from an on-off indicator light
Pretty sure I can disable the light
But wondering if Green light would matter during flowering ? I’m a noob so won’t risk and either cover with tape or disable light just wondering

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Light of any kind affects the plants. I’m unpersuaded that the small light on something like a power strip or humidifier will be enough to disrupt a flower cycle, because even in nature there isn’t total darkness. But it’s a myth that green light doesn’t affect flowering plants.


Disable or tape it up… No light in flower during dark period. I had a led come untaped… Hermies.


Autoflowers no photos probably yes it’d be safe to tape up whatevers emitting that light


I just recently noticed an led on on of my fans probably had 4 grows no problem but I taped it anyway why take the chance

It depends on if ur doing photoperiod plants or autos now if ur doing photoperiod plants then yes that bit of light can upset the flowering of a photoperiod plant but if it is a auto flower no it wont have any problem

Put electrical tape over it