Will a flash light harm my plant


right now I’m into week 2 flower mode 12/12 and I have my timer to cut off at midnight… would using a small flashlight to inspect my plant interrupt the dark period and stress out my plant?


I would advise against it. No light is best.

If you feel like you must, you can use a green flashlight. Plants reflect green, hence their green color.


Stay out period don’t go in there at all during dark period . Seriously the chance of it becoming a hermophadik is not even worth the chance , a quick peep at Temps maybe from a hygrometer at the top only cause I have two one at plant height and the very top of my temp but I say stay out if you want that heavy super sticky dank !!!


ok thanks for the help guys… I’ll make sure to stay out of the shop then


Do not disturb them in the sleep cycle