Will 4pcs of Mars proII80 led beat my one MarsProII320?

I have one 4x4 tent with one MarsProII320 led, I have bought a new tent 4x4 recently, I am thinking if I need buy another Mars ProII320? Or if 4pcs of small lights proII80 will be better , pls help me.

my opinion is that having more individual light sources gives the ability to place lights where needed instead of having one source

More individual lights would be better than one large light. But buy hlg or rapiled. Get as big of a bang as you can for your buck.

The mars pro w/320 w pulls a little more wattage than 4 of the 80 led version. But having 4 individual lights would allow you to center them better if you were growing 4 plants.
Before you buy do some research and check out the quantum boards at horticultural lighting group or some cobs at timber grow lights. They’re far more efficient than the mars leds and give off a more natural light.

Thank you, I will buy 4pcs of small light MarsProII80. If any light has problem, other lights can work, it will affect my plants too much. :heart_eyes:

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My Mars tent is 4’x4, I will buy 4pcs of proII80 at the same time to get best price. Thank you.

Thanks for your suggestion.
I checked quantum boards, it has no heatsink. Mars lights have heatsink, I think its heat dissipation is better.

The lower wattage QB’s use the board itself as a heat sink. The bigger lights are attached to a separate heat sink. No power robbing fans. The air circulating through your tent from fans/intake/exhaust do a good job of keeping their temps regulated.
I couldn’t say whether the heat dissipation is better than the mars light, but I can pretty much guaranty the quality of light is better/watt used on the hlg products.

Thank you very much, I will consider it. My plants are happy under Mars proII 320 now.

My girls under my Mars light Lol