Wild in the garden

Here’s a link to my bag seed grow indoor story. :blush:

I will start by saying this: since before my grandparents bought the house and land these plants have been here. Also, these plants kept showing up year after year. Only now, I’ve actually noticed them and today I managed to feed most of them (11 L) with some nutrients. There are a lot of them :scream:
I have 't noticed them before now because I never spent any time in the garden (my mom takes care of things), and plus, there were many, many weeds that grew along with them, and they grow along the fence. I pulled out the weeds and all of the male plants (there were SO many😵)
And here I was, worried about doing something wrong and killing my only plant- when, in fact, I have this going on in my garden.

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Some look like a sativa strain, correct me if I am wrong😬

We have 15 h of daylight right now, and many of them are in early flower as you may see. Will they be re-veging?
My guess is, they started out quite early in spring and they’ve gone into flowering when the days were shorter which is why they’ve started the flowering.
Or maybe I am mistaking them, and I am only seeing signs of sex?

I ask because, as I mentioned in the link from the beginning of the post, the bag seed is my first grow, and I really don’t know what I’m doing.

And about my bag seed, I planted her in the garden one week ago, she’s 18 weeks old since germination.
I built her a shelter, for wind and rain mostly. I expect her to go into flower at the end of August if everything goes well.

Thank you for reading, and for those of you that have any tips, answers or opinions, I thank you very much. :heart::seedling:


impressed with the training. Well done.

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