Wifey auto/photo experiment

Mid day update
When the switch happened the wifey sais I didn’t tell her that the boards had to be 22" away and though they had to be close like the CFL’s… Fixed now but had a day and a half with them almost touching the boards (as you can see the autos are trying to smack the light because it’s so intense and hot)
That being said Temps still not under control in the new tent with the AC infinity & the new boards maxing out at 30.5c with a nice low of 18c though.
While the photos under the CFL’s are looking better and their temp. Is 16c low with a 29.5c high. Fan is now cranked full blast in the photos tent up from 3/4 and on 24/7 so maybe that will do the trick.
Tonight I will get the wifey to turn the AC infinity to ON and just have it maxed out as well 24/7.
I don’t know why or when they are getting so hot.
My next idea is when I get home to off set the lighting so that they have a shorter period when. They are both on/off to help reduce highs and low’s.
Photos first

Autos (before light was raised)


They are gorgeous plants :kissing_heart:

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Thanks, I wish… I think the autos will do alright I just gotta drop the max temp a bit that’s my goal.
Home soon and I’m chomping at the bit but I’m really proud of the wifey, she turned the AC infinity on Max full time and took it off auto to see if that will help.
Also sent us a picture

So we will see what the temp does and how the plants react.

I admit the photos are looking better, they are finally big and strong enough to handle the soil. So we will let the veg until I get home, @garrigan62 suggested I flip them to 12/12 and watch their sex just long enough until I can tell their sex and then I could kick them back into veg before to long.


Yeah, thant’s kida of odd, sounds like you have everything set up perfect afaic. There are times when mystery stuff just happens and its a pita to figure out. Kinda think you have a somewhat similar situation.

The girls look pretty good all things considered :wink:
Calcium: Hey, if you can simplify the whole feeding thing without much sacrifice to the end product I’d say go for it. :+1::sunglasses:

Geuss I have been reading the data the wifey has been giving me wrong.

I thought I told her to record high and low’s of both humidity and temp but maybe not so the data shown below is current humidity, current temp then low and high temp. So basically majority of the day the tents are sitting at 28-31*c now… So to hot.

Having trouble keeping that room at the temp I want so may install a digital programable thermostat and then set the temp lower while lights are on followed by higher when lights are off.


You should look into the SensorPush set up. Keeps track of all that.

Ordered the programable thermostat for the base board, have been meaning to get this for a while in that room regardless.

@Covertgrower yeah I know… I’m actually looking at the ECCOWIT gateway and sensor (2 tents)
But gonna hold off me and the wifey need to cut back on spending so I’m already gonna get in shit for the thermostat when it shows up.


Where are you pulling the air from? And what is the temperature there? Are the sensors at canopy height? Are you venting near your intake? That fan should be sucking like a 2 dollar prostitute!


Just waking up at home, I’ll be all over it today.
It’s an attached room to my mobile house with a baseboard heater (waiting for programable to show up tomorrow) the room is set to 19c in order to keep lights off at a decent low temp. Air is sucked from this room and then pushed outside via window.
Sensors are all canopy level and both fans are set to max venting 24/7.
When I checked last night Temps were 24c and 28c

Once I get the programable thermostat hooked up to the baseboard I can drop Temps with lights on and raise them with lights off so should sort me issue just will take a couple days to dial in.


Yes baseboards are difficult to adjust for. I use wood heat, the grow room is at the other end of the house. The temp is pretty stable. I dont really care if it gets kinda cool at nights, what matters to me is the max temp at lights on. I aim for 75 degrees farenheit. In order for me to hit that target my outside room air must at least be colder than that.


I have a bit to do this morning but I was able to give them a quick once over.
Wifey had the boards at 12"… So raised them, crap now I forget to what haha!, and turned the dial the last bit up to 100%
Looks they will get a water and runoff test later today, AC infinity T6 isn’t keeping up moves less air than my standard fan, granted its much more silent,
Also raised the CFL’s that are on the photos, they are so squaty and bushy I want them to stretch a bit. I flipped them to 12/12 so I can hopefully sex them before re veg.
Can I FIM them still even though I switched them or should I wait till I re veg? Should have got the wifey to do it earlier…
Can you FIM into a stretch?


That’s a good question! I’ll be curious to know also.


have i already asked you if you’re using an exhaust filter? and if yes what kind? i didn’t discover until after my grow that the filter was dragging down my fan. i got a better and larger filter and now am able to clear the tent so much easier.

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I don’t see why you couldn’t.

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Ran across the same thing with the t4. Says it’s rated at like 200cfm and my growneer 4” is rated at 195cfm. The growneer could damn near make my 2x2 tent collapse in on itself on medium setting. The t4 could barely suck in the sides on full blast. I just use the t4 as an intake now.

If you cut the top off it usually takes a week to recover, but after that the two new nodes may stretch.
By the same token they usually stretch a few days after the flip anyway.

Using a brand new vivohome filter, same filter (different pre filter, upgraded sleeve now included) as my old tent.
I went outside to check the exhaust vent and it feels like it’s definitely flowing.

@Bobbydigital yeah… It still sucks the sides in but not like I expected, I do like how silent it can be my traditional duct fan is loud but Mayne that’s the style difference… I see some now being designed the same style as the AC infinity. 8" is just so big and the ducting is all different…
But I do like the controller on the fan as well.

@Missiles yeah idk
@roost1 yeah i do know those two points but I wondered about to much stress causing them to herm or if it would be worth it, that’s why I wish I had the wifey FIM last week. Bad planning didn’t think of the fact I wanted to FIM and flip to tell the sex before I grow them anymore.

Wondering if it’s safe to FIM now or wait let them stretch, sex them, flip them back to veg and then FIM them, let them veg and follow a defoliation /flowering/ lollipoping scedule (not familiar so I’ll have to research it since I’m usually growing autos)

Looking back I really wished we had FIM’d one of the autos to compare it side by side.

Sucks only being home one week at a time and not being able to do exactly what you want da by day.


I hope the wifey sends you pics every day I go nuts If I couldn’t tend my plants daily.
Flipping the lights back and forth would be more stressful than fimming. Heat and light problems cause the most stress.

Right but combined with the flip might be to much is what I was thinking

I get pictures…
Not daily though haha almost every day so it works.


Man I made it over here today to read ur journal. Looking good. Your wife is a ton of help. Mine only likes to smoke it. Good for you. Looking forward to the rest of the grow, tag me if u need help just as I do you.