Wifey auto/photo experiment

I’m not even sure this is fox farms richness burn, some people struggle some have no issue… The way that this is avoided is by using happy frog in the top/center pocket so it starts in there and grows into the ffof.
Every seed is different and some are weaker…

I’ve only had to feed plants twice at rhe end of w grows. It’s good soil.
My current ppm’s are 4000+

We have glaciers about 50 km east of here.

I’m not an auto pro lol! But my understanding is autos don’t do pruning too good! Like my grammar? I pretty much only grow unadulterated seed, that which can be moulded into whatever shape yer little heart desires.


4000+? Ppm? What you using? Pure worm pee?

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Yeah autos done like prune they like tucking, but the wifey has to learn on her own right thays the whole point of the 2nd tent.

Ive seen them, I live near jasper/Banff


I’ve been to Banff!!!

Stoked to follow along. I’m rooting for wifey, I always root for the underdog though.


Do we think I need a fresh air in, as in from outside vented into the room.
Or should I block it off and just pull room air from the house? Just for now while they are small or for the whole grow?
I’m exhausting the stale air…

No to outside air. Could bring in pests or pollen or mold spores. Yucky. Fresh air is good. But from the rooms is good.

Loving the whole writeup so far. Cute little plants :joy::rofl:. FFOF is a bit hot. And as stated some plants can take it. Some burn in the first few days. Diff strains do diff things.

I agree with MyFriend tho. The HLG will veg em just fine. Light spectrum is definitely important but light intensity trumps it in this case id assume. Either way works tho. The switch from 6000k to 3000k will be beneficial before/during flower so :+1:t5: Anyway.

Anywho here and watching. Now… we wait patiently for our 9 day hiatus :joy:


See everyone talks about fresh air and to me that means fresh air not house air haha…
Okay well that is going to make my life soooo much easier!
Already called the wifey, she’s going to plug the intake in the window with a towel and a plastic bag until I can get home and do a bit of a better job.
Thanks for the clarification @PurpNGold74

Temps are all over the place but also have a couple different things measuring them so it’s a bit confusing since I’m not home.
Tonight when the fresh air in gets plugged I’m sure things will level out.


You can pull fresh air in if you have a filter on it.

I had a homemade filter out of panti hoes and furnace vent filter covers.
But it’s still very cold air that’s only going to get colder.

I will leave it plugged and see how things go for now. If I find I take it off to flush the room with fresh air then next year I will design a new system, maybe one I can put on a timer on it so I can flush the room intermittently or when I feel the need to.

Okay got the vent plugged thanks to the wifey.

Figured I might as well show my first attempt at a air vent, open to suggestions.
I’m going to leave it for this winter but definitely going to do something different next year.

So left is intake right is exhaust.
2 pieces of Styrofoam insulation cut to size and glued together with thinner weather stripping around the bottom and side edges followed by a larger piece of weather stripping layed ontop where the window meets the Styrofoam.
I then found this cool sealer stuff and sprayed it on the outside facing board but it melted the foam a bit in exchange for hardening it up and covering it with some sort of hard liquid rubber… Oops.
The wifey pulled the intake off and stuffed it full with some hand towels for now before putting a plastic bag on it.
I’ll do something else when I get home.

Unfortunately I couldn’t use that nice dense pink foam board because it didn’t come in the right thickness or half the thickness and thus I wouldn’t be able to slide it smoothly into the grove of the window.
I have enough to re do the Styrofoam again, when I do the one thing I can think of is putting a piece of poly on the outside, and if I ever need an intake again I will use insulated ducting hose due to the condensation I was seeing beginning to build


Sorry im no help here. My girls take it how i give it to them. Honestly i dont monitor humidity nor temp. But i grow in an open room type area. Much more forgiving. I do adjust if it’s noticeably out of range


@PurpNGold74 I do something like what you do. I have a tent but I don’t close the door to it. I’ve had no issues growing like this at all.

I don’t even use a vent at all. I don’t worry about the RH, but I do try to keep the canopy less than 86 degrees.


I’m in the Shuswap!

You can buy a decorative plastic vent cover for that

I know your in the Shuswap, remember my parents are in Tappen :wink:

I don’t think I want o buy anything because this is just temporary and will make a new better version next year.
Just hope this holds up at - 40 haha

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The photos are now to big for the domes and I think we can clearly see that the browning was nute burn from the FFOF, this is a first for me in over a year of growing considering I use happy frog in the center and top 1/3.
We can also see that the plants have a different idea than what the AC infinity controller thinks of the temperature, so I have lowered the temp max.
Re strung the temp/RH sensors so I can hopefully get a more accurate reading of the new high/low’s.

And yes the plant was moved so it no longer is touching the side of the tent. Also if you look at the same plant really closely you can see just the tiny tips with a bit of nute burn.

These are the two photos, I’ve stuck to autos before so I’m thinking of FIM’ing them once they adjust to the soil and humidity a bit better now that the dome is off.
Unfortunately don’t have a humidfior in that tent so they will just have to adjust, the wifeys to busy as always to send on errands.


Not sure what’s going on with this AC infinity T6, @DankGunslinger you have had one for a while now right, I have the temp set to 24*c max and placed it as best I could at canopy level along with my temp/RH meter but the meter is still saying I’m getting highs of like 37c and low’s of 15c.

How does this thing work, I read the manual and from my understanding you can only have it monitore one setting at a time be it high temp, low temp, high humidity, low humidity, timer, always on.
So I woild think if I set my temp at 24 then when it hits 24 or 25 it should kick in until the temp drops below so no idea how it’s getting up to 30+

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Ok this may be a silly question, when the readout says 30 is the fan on?