Wifey auto/photo experiment

Back again with another legal indoor Canadian grow over the cold dry winters… The challenges are endless.

Location: Alberta Canada (Legal Yay!)
Setup: one 2x4x6.5 tent with 6" duct fan and carbon filter controlled by timer 1hr off 1hr on 4hr sleep (waiting for inkbird controller)
One 3x3x6 grow tent with two 3x1x6 clone/veggy shelves in separate compartment. Combined with AC T6 infinity “smart controller” & carbon filter.
Tents are in spare room, baseboard heater set to 19*c, one window has a double layered Styrofoam piece with 6" intake and exhaust, both exhausts are tied together with a piece of Y ducting. Intake is just flex hosed to beside the baseboard heater as its well below freezing outside, has no fan on it but can feel it exchanging air.
Lights for veg: 2x 200w 6400k full spectrum CFL
Lights for flower: HLG V2 320xl 3000k, 2x240w Kingbright UV/IR 3500k 301H boards.
Medium: Soil, Fox farms ocean forest 3/4 and 1/4 (top layer) Fox farms happy frog, mixed 25% with perlite and added Mykos.
Containers: 5 Gallon smart pots.
Nutrients: Chem Gro 4-20 dry mix, to be used once ppm drops enough, as soils very rich.
Seeds: 2x4 has two CBD lemon potion autos (indica 60/40 sativa, 8% THC/ 10-15% CBD)
3x3 has two photo indicas with a 1:1 cbd:thc ratio, these are of unknown genetics currently. My dad has a old hippy friend with a large legal medical grow and he ended up with a seedy plant so gave my dad a ton of seeds who passed them to me. Great for now while I take a grow to dial in my new grow room/grow tent, hoping for 2 females :crossed_fingers:. The autos are my 2nd attempt after getting bud rot this summer right before final harvest and these things had really nice density to them, so using up some old/free seeds for now.

Okay so I work away and 2/3 of the time the wifey or the roommate takes care of the plants under my direction. The wifey has taken on this roll and we have decided to get a secondary tent in order for us to stop buying legal expensive dry hay smelling weed, as she was doing alot of this year because it’s convenient.
She is under the impression that all plants act the same and she doesn’t agree with the way I have been growing my autos (averaging 5oz a plant after a year of growing but eh if she’s willing to get even deeper into my hobby I’m all game)
So she’s busy with university but the plan is she gets one of each and I get one of each.
Looks like we’re going to FIM the photos soon and lollipop them. I’m leaving my auto aside from tucking leaves or LST if it gets out of control with veg stretch. Not sure what she’s going to do with her auto yet but I think she wants to lollipop or just prune it as she sees fit.
Being that the 3x3 is shorter I may switch the autos into that tent when I get home on the 10th of November, this would also switch the lighting so the autos who have been under the 6400k 200w (each) would go under the 3500k on day 34/35 while I keep vegging the photos in the 2x4 under the 6400k full spectrum sunblaster CFL’s.

Seeds were started in a jiffy starter dome with pucks and broke through the 7th-9th of October, with the autos breaking first.

Working on trying to dial in the environment between 2 fans, timers, waiting on a inkbird controller, AC infinity controller, baseboard heater, humidfior, humidity in 2 tents with the 2x4 now breaking the zipper… So yeah lots of variables including the cold outside that I have noticed building condensation on the intake hose. I decided to not go insulated hose because I want to try and warm that air as fast as possible before it chills the room off to much.
The grow room is also my closet/ our weed room where we store the harvests and load our vapes. The wifey hates that is cool in there, women get cold so easily lol.

Above are the two autos, one has some sort of cripsy leaf issue I haven’t seen before not sure if it got to close to a light or if my new 8" circ fan inside was to much so adjusted it.

Below are the photos in the 3x3, plant domes were just switched from the autos to the photos as autos out grew them but out of season so couldn’t buy more domes until next year.
One has a browning on some leaves, again not sure what was going on but neither issue has gotten worse so I have just let them do their thing.

I don’t have a picture of my window mod yet, although I already plan to re do it next year.
Currently I used 2 white Styrofoam sheets glued together with weather stripping on the top and bottoms that wedged into a window grove and closed the window tight on them.
Cut 6" holes for ducting with dryer vents outside and non insulated flex inside.
I wasn’t thinking and after spray foaming the duct/vents realized that the dryer vents only allow air to go out, so wedged two lovers open slightly. Also I should put a piece of poly on both sides. The poly should help keep a good weather seal, so hoping this lasts for a winter without giving me to much condensation and wrecking everything





It looks like nutrient burn. Are you feeding them nutrients? What is your watering schedule? From the top souls it looks dry.

I’m trying to find photos that can identify what is going on. Some photos that look like yours is phosphorous and it nitrogen deficiency. I’ll let the pro’s get on board. I’ve never had issues like this.

@PurpNGold74 what day you?

Not mine, lol. If she had it her way the ac would be set at 65*.

Best of luck on the grow. Interested to see them grow


No nutrients, soils loaded ffof with ffhp on the top, it’s possible that one grew into a pocket of ffof to fast and burnt it before it was ready (the photo) but the auto with the cripsy leaves I don’t think so. Valid point on nute burn though, would be my first time with the hot soil but have heard it happen to many growing in ffof early on.
Definitely not a deficiency because the soils so loaded.
Watering is done by checking on them daily, top looks dry on the two autos yes but the pots were heavy and below the surface is was moist. Dry/wet cycle trying to promote root growth.

@Bobbydigital must be a different woman in your different climate haha, mine is 5’4 110lb soaking wet. She’s a little turbo babe :heart_eyes:.

Okay well I have dragged up the last good photo of the lemon potion before the rot got me.
So I’m hoping to get something similar in size if not bigger because I have better lighting just need to keep humidity and temp dialed in.


This is definitely going to be interesting :grin: thanks for the tag!

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Yeah I’ve heard the FFOF is hot soil. When I decide to get some more, I plan on flushing it with at least 10 gallons of tap water. Maybe help flush the extra nutrients out.

My first crop of WW in brand new FFOF did great. I lost a few seeds because at the time I wasn’t aware about flushing the soil before putting in new seeds. Nor about flushing the soil when you switch to the other nutrients.

Glad I joined here as I’ve learned a lot in the last 38 days. :+1::+1::+1:


Lol, mine is 5’2” 110. Think she would like the Canadian climate. Not me though, got as far away from it as I could.

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You’d be better off to veg under the QB’s turned down. Really.

This is something done just before harvest and not a good practice otherwise.

The inkbird controller will help greatly. I’m assuming you have a humidifier standing ready too.

What media are you using?


I wish you luck @Nicky…all 2348 miles away according to Google maps lol…I was freezing in the deer stand this morning and it was a brisk 51 degrees :upside_down_face:


@Gremmall I’m from the center of the USA and moved as far south as I could due to the cold weather. My State actually had glaciers form this March and was colder than the Arctic Circle and Antarctica.

I get cold with any temps under 75 F anymore.

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Glaciers form… Lol I think that’s a bit of a stretch have you ever seen a real glacier?

As stated media is soil, 3/4 ffof 1/4 ffhp, mixed to 25% perlite and added mkyos.

While I don’t know for sure I get the feeling the 3000k QB would not be a better option for veg, I mean we all know who will know for sure and I’m sure he will chime in. Currently I’m away from home for 10 days and that’s a very expensive heavy/ award lift that requires 4 hands sooo it will have to stay this way for this grow although next grow I could run the 3k QB to veg if it’s truly better.
Ah yes no I hadn’t planned to lollipop them right now sorry bad wording but it’s done in early stages of flower I thought, to make flowering focus on those buds. When are you saying to do it?
I plant to FIM them though. Seems like everyone has a different idea of when to do this I think my photos are just getting old enough but I will probably wait until they outgrow the domes and I come home from work in 10 days.

Humidfior is in the 2x4 on Max, currently the 3x3 is under domes but I don’t have one… I will need the girlfriend to check thrift stores and I will look online for a used one.
I tend to stay away from the cool mist ones but want something easy to fill.
Name some key features in your humidtors you alook for if buying a new one.

The inkbird will go in the 2x4, I will plug the exhaust fan (monitoring temp highs) and the humidfior into it (watching for RH lows)
Once I’m in flower I’ll be shutting off the humidifier most likely

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@Nicky I’ve flown over the Arctic Circle actually so yes, I do know.

You must not been aware what happened to the central part of the US with the Bomb Cyclone that hit. Read up on it as it’s not even a stretch.


Looks like Canada for 8 months of the year lol, but I get you.

Inkbird arrived but girlfriend is swamped and probably won’t have time to figure out how to set it and install it until I get home.
I read the manual and it does seem very cool. Still feel like to have lights off in the winter one would need another temp plug but I’m sure I’ll make due.
Can’t wait to get home and set it up

Looking good @Nicky I’ll check in on ya. Flipping mine within the day.

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One should avoid removing leaves unless the health of the plant is at risk. Some fans as they age can be removed but look at it this way: how is the sugar produced to form flower? Through interaction of light on the leaves: buds don’t actually produce usable sugars as that’s the leaves’ job. Late in flower the plant is shutting down so leaves aren’t doing the job they were and need to be taken to improve flavor. It won’t help yields basically to remove your factory.


I actually did the schwazzing on my first grow… Well sorta, I didn’t prune it prior to switch but did in late flower. So many methods out there and no true study thst has compared them in a controlled environment.

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You will find what works for you. That’s really all that matters too. Some folks like lots of plants, some fewer larger ones etc. I buck the trend somewhat in that I support the plant through the entire life cycle with N which is somewhat counter to what most boutique growers are doing (just look at any current nutrient schedule) to see what I mean. My plants are green all the way to harvest.

@MattyBear removes all of the fans not too far into flower which is actually not a bad thing; early enough you’ll get secondary leaf growth, the old leaves are gonna die anyway and at this point they don’t contribute much to the overall sugar production cycle.


Seems like the only plant training people agree with is to manage a Christmas tree type shape that would happen from an indoor plant if left by itself. So LST, top, fim, etc etc…
Although I’m leaving my autos this time around, not home to LST and the wifey is swamped so least amount of work possible and thus I prefer autos for my situation.
Okay well I won’t have any updates for a couple days. Not even home for another 10+ days

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I keep hearing FFOF is to hot for seeds.?!

I am on my first grow and I grew from seed to now third week of flower in FFOF with no additions or watering the soil down . I have yet to have a single issue . Actually my ppms and everything g have maintained even without nutrients . I didn’t feed nutrients until first week of flower .