Wife Says I am Ready, But I Do Not See It

Planted 2/15
12/12 flip on 3/18 (12 weeks yesterday)

Wife says she thinks everything looks ready to her, but I still cannot see it. Can anyone provide any guidance on if I can harvest or do I need to wait? Trying to avoid messing up due to harvesting too early.

Thanks and I really appreciate your time.


From what i can see youre within window. I see a few clear, but mostly cloudy. If youre waiting on amber trichs, id give it a bit more time


Awesome, thanks for the info. Since it is so late and I have to be up early, I am going to let it ride till next weekend and see how I look.

Thanks for your help and hope you have a good week


@ChittyChittyBangin :+1: @triadmatt Looks good!!!


Very close.


Harlequin is normally grown for the CBD it carries and that peaks before the THC.
If you want the highest CBD that was probably a couple weeks ago. If you want the highest THC then its probably now or very soon. I harvest my HQ when its 90% milky and 10% clear. Thats the best CBD levels.


Dude, I am so glad you added that, because I was wondering if my plant has any THC now or if it is just CBD and the THC starts coming in with the amber trichromes.

So, I am right in guessing the plant has both CBD/THC now and the amber just adds more or increases or strength of THC?

Amber is the conversion of THC to CBN, the cannabinoid responsible for giving the couch lock feeling.


No matter how long you wait it will have both THC and CBD. The percentages will shift with time. That video shows the progress of CBD with actual lab tests each week so I trust the info.
I grow other strains with high THC so I want the Harlequin to have peak CBD. We mix the HQ into our vape pens along with other strains. I find it mellows out the effects. Thats the great thing about cannabis…you can adjust it to your liking.

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Yup and since I usually grow up to 6+ different strains I get to see which ones do what… one strain kinda made me anxious and gitty… Then after about 15 minutes it leveled off and I was ok…Some others were stoney but not over the top… The weed has changed over the years along with my consumption and tolerance…So I usually go easy and if I need more…I do more…

Words to live by!

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