Wife and perfume

Double post from over on my (Golgi apparatus)

My wife wont stop spraying perfume in the adjoining room to the grow every morning. It’s really starting to piss me off. She says I am exaggerating when i tell her it will contaminate the grow.
The fans suck it right into the room. This morning I had all the tent doors open in both tents with fans blowing and she sprayed that shit in the next room and I could instantly taste it in the air.

I need some literature to show here how bad this is especially at this stage. Or just a bunch of comments saying not do it. I’ve spent months of my life on this and i dont want it ruined.


If you’re using a carbon filter there should be no smell. If there’s any compromise to be made, $50 carbon filter to eliminate smells would probably be the best option.

Cannabis definitely can be contaminated from aerosols in the air. Think about it, would you smoke a can of Lysol?
This will leave residual on your plants. Cannabis is sticky, and any contaminate will stick to it. The cannabis industry for commercial operations are required by law to check for pesticides, mold and contaminates. If it left a high enough residual on your plants, it may not pass commercial standards.
Since this is a home hobby, we hold ourselves to a higher standard, above the commercial industry and we KNOW what we put on our plants so we KNOW what we are consuming. @Jackie_Daytona I hope this helps.


thank you. I have carbon filters on my exhaust and one on one of the intakes. I also harve merv 10 filter material on the intake tubes. However I have been opening the tent up to get a good amount of air in there during the day at times and bring the heat down. I am scared to death of botris at this point being so close to the end.

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You want us to tell your wife to stop it. Ok. Hey you. Stop spraying perfume! If you think she’ll listen to a bunch of stoners telling her she’s wrong and stop doing what she is doing. You my friend have been smoking way too much! You honestly think if you can’t tell her to knock it off, we can? Let us know how this works out for you. Oh, and let us know when you find another place to grow. LOL!!


OMG that is funny. being the dominant female in my house my response would be, make me :crazy_face: and if you ever want to eat again or wear clean clothes you better think real hard on that.


It was very comical. But after explaining how especially in this late stage we have a forest of sticky trichomes that we dont want smelling, or tasting like perfumes or anything else for that matter i think we are all on the same page.


If only i smoked! Started this grow for my wife. She has peripheral neuropathy. Never grown anything from seed before so growing medicinal cannabis is new to us.
It is a Comical post thats for sure. However once the science behind how aerosols, especially those containing perfumes or scents could effect our 11 plant grow in a negative manner i think we all got on the same page and will try to prevent that from happening as best we can.


I hear you every time my wife spays like a skunk but better, the dog and I gag like hell. At least she stinks better when it’s all done.


Just start telling her how great she smells before she puts it on. :rofl: