Wierd yellow discoloring of leaves starting from the stem

Durban Poison seeds from ILGM. This plant went into my Massachusetts organic garden on May 1st. The hole for the plant was filled with about 80# of composted cow manure and 40# of compost about 2 feet below the surface. I took care of the seedlings for a month, but then was gone for over 2 months of drought and no fertilizers. It still grew, the plant is about 11’ tall now. Mid august I came back and started taking care of it using fish and seaweed fertilizer and different bacterial sprays for mold and mildew. A couple weeks ago I saw some weird yellowing of some colas on a couple of the lower branches on the west side of the plant.
I’ve been growing outdoors in the same ground and in different pots for about 5 years (between 5 to 15 plants each year) and have never seen this type of coloring. Any ideas? I have 3 other Durban Poison plants growing in grow bags that are smaller (7’ tall) without this coloring.

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Looks like you’re going to need an iron supplement. I’d suggest a foliar Calmag spray but you’re already in flower. You also appear to be organic so may want to find an organic iron supplement.

Will do. Thanks.
Any explanation on why it is just a few branches and has not been spreading?

So this isn’t on all your tops?

All the other colas are fine. I’ve included an ok picture of the whole plant. This coloration is only on some colas on the lower west side of the plant.

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Quite a beast. Could be poor light exposure being at the bottom or the plant siphoning from them.

I can’t take credit for the size. Did an experiment one year where I planted one CBD plant in a new bed in the middle of the lawn to maximize sunlight. Took care of the plant with fertilizer, trimming, training, and not letting any bugs or disease hit it. At the same time I also planted 6 CDB plants in an organic 12’x12’ garden bed that I ignored. Fertilized it if I had any left over from my babied plant, only got watered if it rained. The plants in 30 years old organic dirt were larger and fuller than my babied one. Its the dirt! It is impossible to dig anywhere without killing earthworms.