Wicked grass... And I mean grass, not "grass"

Can anyone tell me what type if grass this is?

I have it around a drain in one if my ponds. It is sharp at the edges and has spines/burs down its leaf back on the under side. If you touch it, it clings to you. It actually cut my hand and now I have welts and it is very itchy.

Yep swamp grass at least that I what I always called it. Nasty stuff cuts the hell out of ya.

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I got into it on Saturday. It still itches like hell and welts.

Pretty sure that’s sawgrass


Not familar with it. I battle thistles, poison hemlock and “sticky” weed. The sticky weed’s leaves literally are like Velcro.

That’s what I’ve always heard referred to as saw grass.

Looks like Japanese Stiltgrass. It’s all over my property this year!