Why would one plant have a much more accelerated lifecycle

Both ww auto’s it seemed like they flowered right on schedule together. Mostly same conditions thru the whole life cycle. I even turn and swap them back and fourth to make sure they get exact same light. The thing is one of them is far into flower fattening up changing color of the pistols. The other seems to be producing more fresh pistols. I am down to what should in theory by the plants lifespan be the 2 week flush what should i do? Keep on the one with flowering nutes or flush and harvest on schedule. (The plant that is not flilling out that is).

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What you are experiencing is called Genetics. No two seeds will ever be the same.


@MrPeat should i flush nutes on schedule or keep with em and give her a bit more time individually?

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You could do just the one but that would mean doing it again for the other. Or do both at the same time. Its really up to you. The other plant may have something going on so a flush could be a good thing. If they look healthy, keep up what you are doing.

When I flush, I do all the plants at the same time.

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Yeah thanks thats what ill end up doing. Like you said maybe that flush will give her a jolt to fatten up. I may try adding a hour or two onto the night cycle.

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Every plant has it’s own schedule. All written times to flower are guide lines only.
Best to watch trichomes to see when it needs flush or is close to finishing.

Do you have pictures of the plants? Also, the trichomes on the flowers are the best way to determine time to harvest.