Why wont my super skunk stop stretching in flower?!

@Arborfarms any ideas now, she grew out of the tent so I had to take the tents apart as you can see in the pictures now. Give them more space and height. Lol they took over the bedroom hahaha.

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Nice garden you have there!

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This may be my first grow ever but I don’t f*** around :joy: go big right! @MidwestGuy

Exactly why I ScroG photos in a tent, autoflowers you can get away with, not a photo especially one that has a little more of the sativa dominance than originally thought.

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Do you veg with a MH bulb? I run my MH through the first 2 weeks of flower, the blues help limit the worst of the stretch in my experience :v:

Yes I do, I just switch bulbs when i switch the time. I run 6 hours of lights on, then 12 hrs of lights off, then 6hrs of lights on and keep repeating that cycle till harvest . this is what the results of that are. Its supposed to cut a few weeks out of the whole process. In veg I ran 14hrs on 4hrs off and repeat for 3-4 weeks then flipped to flower.

I’ve found that most of the stretching occurs in the dark cycle as they try and seek out light. That schedule may not agree with that particular strain as far as stretching since it has longer dark periods than light. Just my thoughts :v:

Mine stretch to about the last two weeks before its time to pull for drying. But I also grow 12/12 for the entire plant grow…start to finish.

If there is no light pollution in the grow room then there isn’t any light for them to stretch to. Just my thoughts on it fwiw.

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There is definitely no light leaks and that stretch is definitely going to be from a strong phenome because she is thick she is going to hold some weight and she is definitely got a lot of shoots.


I’d definitely agree the height is more genetics than anything . Even in complete darkness a plant will continue to stretch in search of light. Survival of the fittest kind of thing .

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Same problem they keep getting bigger and biggger ent up a tent size just defoliate don last pic