Why won't my Gold Leafs grow?

Hey guys. I’m on my 5th Gold Leaf seed. I’m only growing one this time with a White Widow. The W/W I know grows as I’ve grown one already. 3 G/L’s died and one is, I don’t know what. I wish I would have taken pics of the 3 that died but this will have to do. I pulled this one and am trying one more. Here’s the pics

Someone said it might be the soil. I was using an organic starter mix. In it it has, sphagnum peat moss, horticultural vermiculite, perlite and an organic wetting agent, whatever that is. Also it’s OMRI certified organic. I’m ditching that and going with what I know works. Miacle Grow. Just for the first part of vegitation. It worked on my last grow with 100% success. I really wanted to try all organic. I just can’t understand what’s going on. All I fed them was ph’ed water at 6.5 under t5 lights. They would come out of the soil but no more. The humidity was always around 60 to 70%. Temp at 75 to 82. It only got up to 82 once on the thermometer because the light was too low. I raised it a couple inches and it stayed right around 77 to 78. Any ideas on this one guys? Why just the one, what do you call those…preleaves? Anyway I’m just curious. I’ve tossed this one as it was over a week old since it came it out of the soil. It just wouldn’t grow. Id appreciate any ideas. Thanks

Damn I downloaded the same pics. Here’s the other one.

Even though it is organic, it might be too hot, too strong nutrient wise.

Thanks MacG for getting back so quick. I’ll try the MG this time and hope for the best.