Why won’t my weed seeds germinate?

Hello, I have 5 seeds that I tossed into water with a ph of 6 about 5-6 days ago. I woke up this morning and still nothing has happened so I put them in a paper towel…could someone explain what I’m doing wrong and how to get these seeds to root?should I just put them in seed starting mix?

Are you keeping them slightly warm?

@DankGunslinger Yes they have been in my dark closet

My process was in water with a few drops of H2O2 and in a dark warm spot for 24hrs my oven with light on worked great stayed at 80. Then in a damp paper towel that went into a Tupperware container with a vent and covered to continue to be dark and warm. Checking every 8 hours I wait until tails than plant root down.

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@Jbum It’s been over 6 days? What do u recommend I do late in this stage

I did mine in wet paper towels out into between two plates and sat on a cable box. Just tap water

Keep them dark and warm in the paper towel. 6 days seem really long to soak. Where are the seeds from?

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Mines in 2 paper plants with nothing on top

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1 did sprout tho

You need that temperature to be between 77°F and 80°F. Don’t just guess that it “feels warm.”


You want them to be humid so two plates, box something to help hold the humidity

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I would try getting them warmer. The two plates kind of retained the moisture and geld the warmth.

@TommyBahama that seems about what mine is. I do have jiffy seed starting mix shoukd I just plant all 5 in there or should I wait a day to see if anything changes

Maybe the seeds are old?

Maybe. They looked healthy when I inserted them in water

That’s total preference. Maybe try 1 or two and keep with the rest. Put the oven light on you will get 80 degrees all day

@Jbum I live in Florida is 80 or above all the time :joy:


Did you buy these or had them?

@DankGunslinger ve had them😬. But 1 of them already has leaves outside in my green house

No, a lot of people have bad luck with jiffy pots, so I wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner.
The temperature is key.
Second is the moisture. In that photo you posted, it looks like they are sopping wet. The paper towel should just be damp. I mist mine with a single spritz of water from a sprayer twice a day.
The rest of the time, they just stay in a dark, warm closet.

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