Why We Grow ? (Just my opinion)


I started to realize, as I went to the west coast on a visit, the real reason that we (at least me) grow cannabis. I purchased several strains while I was there (little kid in the candyshop routine) and I compared with my homegrown stash. My home state is almost religously against pot. I could not believe that I preferred my own grown weed to the “good” stuff. I immediately figured that it was just because it was my own product and I was a little biased. I took some of my own grown to a gathering and had several people compare mine to to store bought. I did not tell them what I was doing and was amazed that almost everyone except one liked my Super Silver Haze WAY better than any other sativas they compared with. Made me realize that all the love that we tend to put in our grows actually has makes a difference in a good outcome.

I had been told previously that my WW was way better than what was available on the market here. I didn’t give it much thought at the time but now realize that the care we put into our plants shows in the results.

That’s enough to get me growing again in the fall. I want to try some blueberry in a small (2x4x5) tent and mainline it. The SSH came out really great despite the fact that I did not get to finish the last part of it (thanks Barnburner for finishing for me!). I am a dedicated grower now and can’t wait for the weather to turn so I can set up for a long winter grow inside.

Ya’ll take care and stay safe !



You’ll love growing Blueberry, it’s a great plant!


if your home state has “store bought” they aint as religiously opposed as you think, lol…
out this way anything over 30 grams is automatic six months and 5k fine…anything over a pound is automatic 6 years and 10k fine…and if you are growing they weigh the entire plant, stems, sticks, leaves and all to get your total weight… it’s brutal.


Hi Oak, I think you misread, or misunderstood, my post. I was on the west coast, (CA, Oregon, Washington) when I shared my homegrown with the others. My home state, Texas, is dead set against pot in all forms. The only MMJ law that is here was a politician writing a law for his daughter (or relative) to qualify for it. The law was so exclusive that no one BUT her qualified. Pot is a number one revenue maker for Texas by arrests, fines and court expenses.

I now grow to keep me from taking anti-depression and anti-anxiety meds that screw me up and make me worse. Since I have grown my own, life is a lot better for me and I don’t have to go to the shrink every month just to talk to her and give her another $100 (NOT covered by insurance ! ). It also works great for my arthritis.

My supplies are all paid for so all I have to pay is electric for my grows. My tent and lights are all paid for and should be good for several more grows. Aside from that, I have grown plants all my life and LOVE gardening. My MJ grows just seem like a logical progression for me. I take a lot of pride in my plants and am considering moving to get legal pot. A doctor that is in Oregon told me, after taking some history from me, that If I was an Oregon resident, I would qualify for MMJ there. I would not even need MMJ there, all pot is legal there. MMJ is however taxed at a MUCH lower rate. Take care and stay safe. Jerry


trying to avoid the anti depressants myself… doc just prescribed Paxil last week… then I read up on it…man, it scares the shit outta me to read up on modern medicine…after you spend a few hours reading what experiences others have had with a certain med it makes you wonder how anyone with a conscience can actually prescribe that to another human…
“Here ya go buddy…this will help you with your depression,… or,…you will flip out and kill everyone you love before taking your own life”…" its fifty fifty though, so your odds are GREAT!,…trust me"
any of those pills that start messing with neuroreceptors really screw me up,…I get all schizo, start hearing evil demon voices, get evil thoughts and get really sketchy… I am 6’2" and 340 lbs…my ol’lady and daughter really don’t need me to start getting schizophrenic way out here in the middle of nowhere… this is why I decided to start smoking again in the first place…pain and muscle spasms, even hypertension…all are secondary concerns…I need the smoke because I have been in a dark place for a long while and pharmaceuticals scare the crap out of me…still have a few months to go before I have viable smoke in hand though…patience,… and hope


Hey Oak, just wanted to add a few words. Patience is DEFINITELY a key to good herb! I tried to hurry one crop because I was out and it turned out to be the worst crop I have grown. Don’t let a matter of a week or two make you finish it early. Let nature run its course and you will have good smoke to make you feel better.

I know a lot about anti-depressants and such . . . I worked in medicine as a Navy Corpsman for 20+ years and later as a Physician Assistant for 23 years for a total of 43 years working in medicine. I know all the side effects you are talking about, I saw it in many of my patients and then later when I was on them myself. That made me switch to using MJ for my problems. Worked SO much better with no side effects (unless you count munchies! lol) for me. When I grow, I feel I get better weed that is safe because I grew it and know what was put into it while growing.

When I use weed, I do not have to take my hypertension meds if I keep the right kind of indica. I cannot smoke due to a lung condition from Desert Storm, so I vape it. You get none of the carbon and other impurities because you do not burn the weed, only heat it up enough and vaporize it so you can breathe it in. It doesn’t make you cough and you don’t have the tar taste in your mouth. I highly recommend using a vape over smoking. With the portable vapes they have now, you can carry it around like a e-cigarette and use it without lighting up (especially nice at night) ! Take care and stay safe ! Jerry


lol…I was considering trying that Snoop Dogg single hit natural herb vaporizer… they look pretty cool…just stuff a tiny chunk of nug in there and hit it I guess,…never smokes…apparently is nearly scentless as well


Good ! Yea, I can smoke in my house. my wife is not crazy about it, and she can’t even tell unless she comes in the room! There is a lot of info on vaporizers on You-Tube that will help in seeing what the different advantages are to the different type of Vapes. Good Luck !


I would recommend the Yocan Padone dry herb vaporizer. It’s brand new, but incredible. Has a built in grinder and container for your weed. Weed stays in the vape at all times. When you need a new pack, unscrew the bottom and there’s your weed, ground up and waiting in an air tight container. Temp control too! :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:

edit I was mistaken, the dry herb vaporizer I am talking about is the Yocan iShred dry herb vaporizer! Sorry guys! Check below for an accurate post on the item.


Sounds good, I might check it out ! Thanks for the info ! Jerry


Did you check out my new grow, “germination of really old Columbian Seeds” in the beginner section. I am really psyched to see if I have females in my two seeds ! Take care. Jerry


Of course Jerry! I really hope that they’re both females for you! :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:


I checked on Yocan and all I could find was dab vaporizers… nothing intended for dry herb


My bad @oak, I’m an idiot! The Yocan Padon is their newest wax vaporizer, with quad quartz coils.

The Yocan iShred is their newest dry herb vaporizer. Here’s a link for you, sorry about the misinformation earlier :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:

P.S. I personally own the Yocan 94F dry herb vaporizer, it’s just an attachment though. I’ve owned it for 4 years now and still love it. Not sure if they’re still selling it, I bet they’ve made a newer, better one by now, but I can definitely say that it works great for me. I barely ever use it now a days, but I used to carry it every where for the first two years I owned it. And not that I love the company or anything, but I never tried other dry herb vapes, so that’s why I would recommend this company.


that thing is pretty cool…didn’t see a price though…
I am interested but I think I might be too old school as I still just think about rolling up a nice fat doobie and burning a header… even though I know that since I have not smoked in so long there really is no possibility of me making it past the second hit, lol.


@ktreez420 @Oak They still have the Yocan 94F on the site. I believe the Ishred was $82.92. Vaping is the only way to go if you have not been smoking in a long time. No coughing and a smooth smoke ! I have lung and airway problems and I can smoke all the time without any problems. I tried to smoke a joint, just for old times sake and I coughed for an hour. I have not smoked anything for many years but have no problem with a vape. I haven’t used this one but have used several other types and it is great. As I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t have the heavy pot smell and I have had people come in and say they cannot even smell it. I would check around though, the vape I have has a three year warranty and the first one quit. I returned it after 10 months and they gave me a new one. Good luck. Jerry


Hey Jerry I went to a vape also. I am with you vaping has a lot of nice features. I got an original Pax after the Pax2 came out to try and save money.
I also bought an arizer solo when their new model came out. I like the Arizer a tad better because it has a glass vape tube and a ceramic heating element but it isn’t anywhere near as portable as the pax