Why they wouldn't grow?

I bought 5 gg seeds, the first one germinated nicely I think I buried it to deep, the second one germinated and she grew somewhat. But everyone after that didn’t grow at all so just wondering what could cause that? I’m probably gonna do 10X10 WW. But can’t waste them of course.

Ok u want to germinate them like this put ur seeds in to a shot glass of water i just use tap water once ur seeds are in there put the shot glass in a dark warm place for 24 hours in that time they should have a small white tap root starting to come out now get ur self two plastic plates and paper towel place the paper towel onto the plastic plate tip the shot glass on to the paper towel spread ur seeds out abit now fold the paper towel over the seeds and place the other plate over the top and place in warm dark place in 12-24 hours u should have a nice tap root on ur seeds now this is important make sure u have small pots with soil and a small amount of worm castings mixed in the soil the worm castings will give ur seedlings food for the time being but it wont burn them .try this and see how u go dont not plant seedlings into fox farm ocean forest the soil is to hot it will burn them

Take one of your seedling pots and dump it out. Make sure the seed is in the grow medium No 1. Maybe you didn’t plant it (it happens).

2nd; see if it cracked open and started a tap root. If not it could simply be a mishandled seed due to age, heat, etc.

3rd: if it did send out a tap root, repot the seedling starter container and place it in the grow medium about a pinky fingernail deep and cover with grow medium. Patience. Leave it alone.

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There are many variables that would’ve made your plant fail to germinate. What method did you use? I just throw my seeds in water for 24 hours, then they go into soil. Never had one not germinate. Make sure you aren’t watering it everyday either.

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It’s not rocket scientist

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it. What kinda soil would you recommend?

Hp promix is a good soil you mix in two -four cups of worm castings into the soil aswell