Why they get like that?

Need water asap…


But i spray twice a day

What soil is you using , but it has to stay mostly moist not saturated but moist .

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Lots of ppl spray twice a day. But they may not have soil seeing sun. I made this same mistake. Maybee try to put clay rocks or something over top of soil to help it stay moist. Its definatly dehydrated mate.
Spraying feeds the leaves. Thats why we spray twice a day. Soil also needs to be moist to allow roots to form so it can feed from there. Good luck buds

Ok. Ill try it. Thank you

Over and under watering have the same look of deficiency. Only you know.


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Hi garrigan62 i want ask u a question. I have 4 autoflower and they r flowering. I just wanna now if i can prune the bottom leaf. The leaf r creating shadows and some flowers r not getting full ligth. So u think i have prune it? Send u some pics. Please help me in the past u give me some advice that really help me.

@Johnymaybe You can but being autos you run the risk of stressing her out and it turns into a Hermie on you


How ya been my friend ?

Huge leaves that block light are needed , when the plant goes into preflower stretch it will grow out and stretch and those leaves will no longer be in the way

LST is your best bet when dealing with auto’s , if you pull the top down then there is almost nothing getting blocked,
seedling > veg > preflower> veg > vertical stretch stops and the plant enters flower
5 weeks or so of the plants life is veg.

B Safe