Why the yellow?!

I started these on May 1, put them in starter plugs when they sprouted. When the taproots stuck out the bottom, I put them in these little bags, in a nest of Ocean Forest. They are damp and have gotten as much sun as I can find for them.

Your soil is a little too wet. That may be part of the problem. Another could be incorrect ph


I was thinking that. Didn’t water today. Thanks. pH here is around 7.4 +/-

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Sometimes the first leaves are a bit wonky. Give them time and only a titch of water.


Make sure when you water, it is ph’ed between 6.2-.8. At that age, you can get clear plastic cups, sprits with distilled water and put them over the babies. Ocean Forest is pretty loaded, also. I use it and don’t worry much about the first 2 sets of leaves.