Why the tall central stalk?

See the White Widow auto on the right?

what did i do to cause that tall central stalk? Is there anything to do to get it to grow more fully?



Nothing. It will be a giant main cola by harvest. It’s a good thing.


Yes I agree. Going to be the grade A of the plant . I’ve had a few plants shoot up like that I just let it be .


Your plant looks great! If you prefer a shorter plant with an even canopy, read up on Low Stress Training (LST).

Here is a shot of an auto-flower plant that received LST:

And here is a photo-period plant of the same age that also received LST:

I normally get more of an even canopy than this but sometimes they just don’t do what you expect them to. :grin: :man_mage:


You can control that next time by utilizing a technique called LST. It stands for Low Stress Training. And its the art of tying down branches as the plant is growing to keep an even canopy. Cannabis plants Apical meaning they will always favor the tallest bud. So when we manipulate it with LST or other techniques it confuses the plant and redirects growth to other buds giving fuller buds and a flat canopy


It is call apical dominance. It is how it is intended to grow unless you interrupt it.
What can you have done…
bend and train (LST)

I found this ILGM Jack Herer auto on grow diaries

It is a very nice plant. Just grown very differently than the one I grew.

I grew a Jack Herer auto a couple of years ago. A couple of weeks before getting cut

It was not topped. Received LST only. This is it at 57 days.

She was slow to flower which was okay by me.


Here is another example that utilizes a couple techniques. I used LST for the entire vegging period tieing down the top node lower than the rest of the plant, and then tieing down all the other branches to the same hieght. And continued adjusting until i flipped to flower. Then added this net to direct growth where i want it. As you can see it can be extremely beneficial and will boost your yield and quality.


That’s effing awesome…. I suppose in this context, ebbing awesome


photo or auto? I guess photo given the amount of growth and time it takes to scrog. The power of training - no doubt about it.


Photoperiod on those other pics, this is an example of one of my Autos that was pure LST with no net.


These are those same Autos when i was training them


Nice! They can do well when treated well

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@Edmond-Dantes your grow looks fantastic btw. Youre doing an excellent job and will have some monster colas by harvest.

So big and bushy! Nice!

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Will try this on the next one. Thanks!

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