Why the leaves are looking like this?

can anyone help me??? Today is day 12 and i am wondering why the leaves are looking like this and beginning to twist and curl, I am using 3 none heat producing bulbs that produce 1650 lumens each so i don’t believe the bulbs are burning the leaves. i can say the one thing i was doing was watering the leaves themselves so i don’t know if it from me watering the leaves too much, but i have stopped doing that in hopes the leaves would open back up but they havent yet… can anyone help???

I would defer to the folks that know more; however, from what I’ve read, that can happen from either bad Ph, or too much nitrogen.

Hopefully that gives you something to look into, until others chime in.

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I don’t know , have never seen this before yet , you gone need an expert or site instructor .

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I’m not sure what might cause this with so little information.

As stated above pH, acidity or alkalinity, in the soil or the water could be a contributor. There is a possibility that water droplets sitting on the little leaves could somehow be a contributor to this issue.

Seedlings at this stage need very very little or no nutrients, so too much nitrogen or other nutrients might be a contributor, this is why a EC/TDS/PPM reading of the water, the run-off coming from the soil, and or anything you’ve fed it could help confirm or rule this out. This is basically a measurement to estimate the nutrient concentration.

Maybe even the strain, some strains have been know to have weird shaped leaves, especially as seedlings, this often goes away with larger more developed adult “true” leaves, but some strains have really bizarre leaf growth the entire life-cycle of the plant. Many of the questions on the support ticket cover these issues and more. Have a look and get back to us with any more info that could help us help you…