Why the leaves are getting those white patches?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“If you would please tell me why the leaves are getting those white patches, I would be grateful. Here are some close ups. Please do tell me, I’m not a commercial grower just growing 2 plants. So I didn’t invest much. So please if you can let me know the problem”

Possibly water on the leaves and the light magnified and fried


I was going to say the same as @VelcroThumb


Thank u so much …I’ll stop spraying the leaves and increase the height of the light :grimacing:


@Gethard i think at this point you can just water and not spray leaves. If you happen to get some water on them, wipe em off gently


Indeed like @VelcroThumb said, at this point, go on with direct water!
In case you need to reuse a spray, to prevent bugs, or to fortificate the plant, remember that you should always doing it when the light has just switched off, in order that the light don’t burn the product you just apply on the leaves. If you use sunlight, do it when the light intensity is decreasing. With that,You 'll avoid those bad looking stains :wink: